Anti-Christian are a Finnish death metal band founded by Johään "Decapitator" Lönnrot and Kristian Visten in Helsinki in 1989. The band have gone through a constant line-up change, though Johään "Decapitator" Lönnrot has remained the most constant member of the band; with the exception of one album; where Robert Aärkesk filling in for vocals as well as guitar role.


Early days and formation (1987-1989) Edit

Johään Lönnrot become as the vocalist for Helsinki death metal band Cult of Carnage in 1987; earning himself the nickname "Decapitator" for his wild and engaging performances. He was fired by Cult of Carnage in 1988 after the rest of band grew to dislike Lönnrot's violent theatrics employed on stage. While searching for a new job, Lönnrot met part-time guitarist Kristian Visten, and the two decided to form a band. They recruited Peter Gärmandsä on bass and Jeremy Kärpiki on drums, and set about recording a record together. The band decided on the name Anti-Christian, suggested by Visten.

Rebirth In The Grave and Kärpiki's death (1989-1991) Edit

In late 1989 Anti-Christian were picked up by a minor Finnish label, Destroyen Records, and worked with producer Räskven Tirgensä extensively. By years end the band had finished recording, and embarked on a tour through Europe to gain coverage for the album, at Tirgensä's behest. They toured for the entirety of 1990, gaining large followings in Germany and France. In 1991 they embarked on the second leg of tours, returning to Germany. However tragedy struck on September 18th 1991 when drummer Jeremy Kärpiki was killed in a car accident along with several stage crew in Bremen. The band cancelled all shows and returned home, lamenting the death of their comrade.


Though Anti-Christians first four albums (Rebirth In The Grave, Anatomy of Evil, The Nazarene Cross, and Born As A Monster) feature predominately traditional death metal elements, 1997's Beautiful Slaughter, the only album to feature Robert Aärkesk as vocalist as well as his usual guitarist role took a more different turn, adding elements of progressive and gothic metal, which met with both praise and anger. Monotheism I, the 1999 follow-up, saw Decapitator return to vocals, though it still had a similar stylistic feel to its predecessor. 2002's Through The Carnage returned to a more death metal base sound, much to the acclaim of fans.


Band membersEdit

Current members
Former members
  • Kristian Visten - guitar (1989-1992, Kryptikalys, Nocturna)
  • Härolde Kärdevki - guitar (1997)
  • Peter Gärmandsä - bass (1989-1995)
  • Joseph Goräskvi - bass (1995-2000)
  • Jeremy Kärpiki - drums (1989-1991, died in a car accident in Germany on the Dead Reborn Tour)
  • Roland R. Jävske - drums (1991-1997)

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