Anu of Uruk is a famous Harbinger Deity former warlord who fought in many battles during the Spawn War. Many believe the Harbingers have attained Immortality.

The Spawn War

Before Anu of Uruk was a Warlord, he was simply called Anu. He fought against Harbinger rebels in the Harbinger Civil War and Defended Marduk against The Spawn. When they found they had lost the battle, he and the rest of the Anunnaki fled into The Void to go into hiding. He was proclaimed a Warlord for his defiance in the eyes of Death, and his never giving determination.

The Zodiac War

In the closing days of this epic war, Anu lead the attack against The Core. As soon as Robbie managed to lodge The Eye in its stomach, it became vulnerable to attack, Anu then ordered the attack on it. The Core was obliterated and The Metatron was destroyed, thus ending The Zodiac War.

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