Anya calm
Name: Anya Enneagram

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Crest: Ghost

Kana: Duskull


Anya is the younger sister of Esta Enneagram (Leader of Royals). She is always calm and is often seen playing on a game console. Anya was 153rd deputy soul reaper.



Duskull and his other forms


Squall's Gunblade 4

Juuken's shikai

(Juuken "Gun Blade")

Juuken allows Anya to create anything out of nanoids such as gunbots, shieldbots, swordbots, and planebot. She can also create doors and exits on walls or floors. Her bankai is Juuken Shinkiro (Gun Blade Mirage) and it transforms the sword into a robot for Anya to pilot.


Juuken Shinkiro bankai form

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