April 7th Is A Rarely Found VHS Tape Featuring A Lost Episode Of The 2005 DiC Series,Trollz.It Was Created By A Arthur Obsessed Animator Named Carlos Jackson Who Wanted To Show It Off As The Season 2 First Episode.


It Was 2011.Since CBS Cancelled Trollz From Cookie Jar TV.I Was A Worker At Cookie Jar Entertainment For Years.I Was Working With CEO'S Andy Heyward And Micheal Hirsh When I Spotted A VHS Tape.It Said:"April 7th",So I Happily Slipped The VHS Tape In A Old Sam's Club Bag.We Went Downstairs To The Viewing Room.So Me,Heyward And Hirsh Grabbed Some Popcorn,Pepsi Throwback,Labeled As Pepsi Cola Throwback,And Some Pickled Garlic And Jumped In A Couch.I Slipped The Mysterious VHS Tape Out Of The Bag And Popped The VHS Tape In The VCR.The 3 Of Us Thought:"OK!Let's See What Comes Up!".The Tape Started Out With The Trollz Intro.I Was Happy To See My Favorite Show Again.The Intro Was OK.Expect One Thing Wrong,The Audio Was Muffled.At The Part Where The Singers Said:"YA!",The Audio Quatily Improved Without Us Noticing.We Saw A Rare Thing The Boys Told Us What's Gonna Happen Today.Coal Said:"WARNING!:Do Not Watch!".I Thought It Gonna Start At The Mall,But We Were Wrong!It Started At High School,With Saying:"April 7th","Everything By Carlos Jackson!".We Were All Scared!To Be Contuined!

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