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Kristen Bell in "Basis".

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August 27th, 1980



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Criminal Investigation and Forensics Bureau


Junior Detective/Tech Analyst

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April Haynes is a main character in the American Crime Drama, Law & Order: Miami.

April Haynes is played by actress Kristen Bell.


Born in Tampa, Florida, April grew up in a dysfunctional family. With an alcoholic father and a drug-using mother, life proved very difficult for April, and soon, she ran away from home and lived independently for two years. When she turned fifteen, April decided to return home, but she saw that her parents had moved and left her behind in Tampa. April then chose to stay with her grandparents for the remainder of her teenage years. She went to Tampa University with the help of her grandparents and chose a career in law enforcement. She became a detective a couple years into her career and was transferred from her precinct to the CIFB, where she now works.

Favored Weapon

SIG Sauer P226


  • Thinks of Detective Vaughn like a "brother to her". (Seize the Day)
  • Has an abiding interest to read. (Basis)
  • Was incredibly saddened by ADA Meyers' death. (Aberrant)

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