Sonic and the Secret Rings
  • Ian Flynn
  • Godzillabrawler
  • Tracy Yardley!
  • Jim Amash
  • Phil Felix
  • Steve Downer
  • Paul Kaminski
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Archie Comics

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Archie Sonic Universe

Sonic and the Secret Rings is a four-issue story arc fan idea for Archie Comics' Sonic Universe. The story will be written by Ian Flynn and Godzillabrawler.

First IssueEdit


Sonic and the Secret Rings Part One: “Let the Speed to Mend It”

Sonic is asleep in Freedom HQ. He yawns briefly, but is interrupted by a flash. A strange ring appears on the floor, and Sonic picks it up. The hedgehog puts on the ring, only for a genie to appear in font of him. Shahra introduces herself to the frightened Sonic, telling him that the Arabian world is disappearing due to the evil woks of Erazor Djin. Sonic is confused and asks who Erazor is, but Shahra tells him that she cannot explain. Sonic dives into the portal, entering the Lost Prologue. Sonic asks Shahra for more info; she tells Sonic that Erazor Djin was the ancient genie of the lamp, who would grant wishes when summoned. He started to tear away the fabric of the dimension, beginning its downfall. Sonic stops in front of a horde of genies, asking what they are. He has no time to react and is forced to take them out.

Erazor is seen off in the distance; Shahra warns Sonic that Erazor might try to attack, but she is interrupted as Sonic dashes off. Sonic runs forward and meets Erazor, who is chanting spells to destroy the Lost Prologue. Sonic spin-dashes into Erazor, taunting him. Erazor laughs at the “blue rat”, warning him that he is far too weak to defeat him. Shahra tells Erazor to stop destroying the dimension, but he only laughs. Erazor warps away and genies swarm Sonic and Shahra. They teleport out to Sand Oasis. Sonic sees King Sharyar’s castle in the distance. Shahra notices a large genie swarm headed that way, and Sonic decides to head off and find the king.

Major EventsEdit

  • Sonic meets Shahra, the genie of the ring.
  • They enter the portal to the Arabian Zone.
  • Sonic battles the genies and Erazor Djin briefly.
  • They teleport to Sand Oasis.


Sonic: “So what’s the big deal with this dude Erazor?”
Shahra: “He’s been tearing apart our dimension by using his genie powers.”
Sonic: “Oh.”
Erazor: “Shahra? What are you doing with this blue rat?”
Sonic: “Hey! I’m a hedgehog!”

Second IssueEdit


Sonic and the Secret Rings Part Two: “Poison Spear”

Sonic runs through the corridors of Castle Sharyar. Shahra sees something move and tells Sonic to investigate it. Sonic runs over to a vase and sees it shake. The pot falls over and reveals King Sharyar. Sonic is astounded that it is Eggman, even attempting to fight him. Shahra wards off Sonic by telling him that King Sharyar is a benevolent defender of the kingdom. The king continues by saying that his knights had been ambushed by some genies, and they escaped from the castle, deserting Sharyar. Sonic apologizes and asks where they were going, and Shahra sees footprints heading away into the oasis. Sonic darts off, asking Shahra why Erazor is destroying the dimensions. She doesn’t answer, causing Sonic to become suspicious. They reach a temple where Erazor is hiding and confront him. Erazor chants a spell and unleashes the Sand Scorpion, that roars and claws at Sonic. Sonic chases after it, and Erazor flies off, taunting Sonic.

The beast proves troublesome, but Sonic is able to take the fight to it. The beast launches its eyeball like a cannonball, blasting shockwaves through the sand. Sonic spins into the eye, damaging it, but not doing enough. Sonic hammers the eye then and defeats the beast. The yellow World Ring falls out, and Shahra is surprised. She explains the World Rings, and Sonic realizes that he is using them to tear apart reality. They walk into the city to find help, and find Ali Baba. He meets Sonic and Shahra and talks with them, with Sonic mistaking Baba for Tails. Baba concludes that Erazor has collected all the World Rings, and Sonic asks if there’s a way to stop it. Ali Baba tells them that the nearby factory has a World Ring in possession, but that Erazor’s genies had been heading that way earlier on that day. Sonic asks Shahra if she wants to go on, and she does. They run off for the factory, only to be watched by Erazor, who chuckles about their resistance.

Major EventsEdit

  • Sonic and Shahra free Sharyar from his hiding vase.
  • Sonic battles the Scorpion Djin and obtains the Yellow World Ring.
  • They take it off to Ali Baba.
  • Sonic and Shahra head for the factory.
  • Erazor reveals that he has all the World Rings.


Sonic: “R-Robotnik! What are you doing here?!”
Sharyar: “Robotnik? I am King Sharyar!”
Sonic: “I know its you! You can’t trick me!”
Shahra: “No really, this is King Sharyar!”
Sonic: “…sure.”
Sonic: “Whoa! What the heck is that?”
Erazor: “This is my genie servant. He is powered by a dark power and the yellow World Ring!”
Sonic: “So he’s a gigantic mutant-genie freak?”
Ali Baba: “Erazor has all the World Rings. He must’ve thought you wouldn’t get this one. His castle must have the rest.”
Shahra: “We better hurry up and get to his castle. But we should be careful.”
Sonic: “Hurry? You forget I’m Sonic the Hedgehog. I always hurry.”

Third IssueEdit


Sonic and the Secret Rings Part Three: “How It Started”

As Sonic and Shahra near the factory, Sonic asks Shahra what’s on her mind. She reveals that she used to be an apprentice to Erazor, before he discovered his reality-bending abilities. He discovered the World Rings and went out of control. Heroes like Sinbad could not defeat him, so he went on to rip out parts of the dimension’s fabric. Sonic shows remorse for asking a bad question, but Shahra insists that they focus on the present. Sonic leaps onto a ledge and stares over to the floating castle. Erazor chants a spell, blasting open a door to a black void. Sonic uses the World Ring to boost over to the castle. He tells Erazor to give up the World Rings, but the genie denies him. Sonic decides to attack, but Erazor warps off. He appears in a long hallway. Sonic tells him to stop, but Erazor flies forward with his razor blade and attacks Sonic. Sonic bounces off it and spins into Erazor. The djin mocks him, and uses the razor to open a portal to a pocket zone.

Sonic races through the glassy space-road, fighting off genies and Erazor while telling him to stop. Erazor blasts back to the real zone and tells Sonic that he has all the World Rings. Shahra catches up and tells Erazor to stop the madness, with Erazor flatly replying “No.” He goes on to say that the world of the Arabian Nights was to be ruled by him alone, and he had once wished to have Shahra as queen of the zone. Sonic is astounded, asking why he would think that way. Erazor tells Sonic that Shahra had lied about being an “apprentice”, and that she had once been his romantic companion. Sonic tells Erazor that he doesn’t care how much it takes, that he will save the dimension. Erazor attempts to impale Sonic with the Flame of Imprisonment, but Shahra takes the blast for him. Sonic watches as she dissolves. Erazor roars in evil laughter, telling Sonic that no one can stop him, not even Shahra.

Major EventsEdit

  • Sonic and Shahra invade the Silver Castle.
  • Erazor retrieves the Yellow World Ring from Sonic during a fight.
  • Erazor unveils the Arabian Zone’s pocket zone known as the Rift.
  • Shahra is killed by the Flame of Imprisonment.


Sonic: “Erazor! Give me those World Rings now!”
Erazor: “You have no power to demand of me, blue rat.”
Sonic: “How many times do I have to say it? I’m a hedgehog!”
Shahra: “Oh no! The Rift!”
Sonic: “Sounds like the Void.”
Shahra: “Its our dimension’s version of it, yes.”
Sonic: “That’s not good.”
Erazor: “I have all the World Rings! Shahra is gone, and now this world is mine to conquer! Not even you can stop me, Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Fourth IssueEdit


Sonic and the Secret Rings Part Four: “Worth a Chance”

Sonic watches as Erazor laughs at the mourning hedgehog. He finds it strange that the hero of the Prime Zone acts so pathetic. Sonic gets angry at Erazor, telling him that there was no other choice, that he was going to be stopped. Erazor laughs at Sonic, calling him a blue rat once more. He says “And now to the business at hand. Conquering this pathetic zone.” He transforms into Alf Layla wa-Layla and rips a portal into the Rift. Sonic crawls over to the World Rings, weakened by Erazor’s bruising. He spins into the group of rings, transforming into a form of revenge, Darkspine Sonic. He screams for Erazor to face him and launches out into the Rift. Alf Layla is chanting various spells as Darkspine flies in. wa-Layla notices him and blasts a ball of energy at Darkspine. Sonic dashes straight into it, holding its advance. Alf Layla is intrigued, but his curiousness ends when Darkspine sends the energy ball back. This hurts Alf Layla some, and he slashes by Darkspine, who is enraged. He asks why he had to kill Shahra and why he was trying to destabilize the Multiverse.

Alf Layla describes the situation as dire, informing Sonic that the Zone Lockdown had only destabilized the Arabian Zone more. Darkspine tells him there’s no way he’ll let him win, rushing right into Alf Layla. He watches Alf Layla recoil, and yells that he will save Shahra, the world of the Arabians, and his own. In one final strike, Darkspine destroys Alf Layla. Erazor dissolves back to his normal form, and falls to the temple ground muttering strange sentences. Darkspine reverts to Sonic and walks over to the throne. Erazor yells that he cannot die, and will only turn back to normal again and again. Sonic smiles as he shows Erazor the genie’s lamp, Erazor’s original prison. Sonic wishes Shahra back to life, wishes to restore the Arabian world, and locks Erazor inside the lamp. Sonic recoils at one last insult before confronting a saddened Shahra. He asks her for a portal to go home, and she grants him his last wish. As he leaves he promises he’ll see her again one day.

Major EventsEdit

  • Erazor turns into Alf Layla wa-Layla, and Sonic transforms into Darkspine Sonic.
  • They battle in the Rift.
  • Sonic wishes the Arabian Zone back to normal.
  • Sonic wishes Shahra back to life.
  • Sonic locks Erazor back into the genie’s lamp forever.
  • Sonic goes home.


Darkspine Sonic: “Erazor! I will destroy you!”
Sonic: “And now, my third wish. Erazor Djin! You are to be eternally locked in your lamp as you were in days of old!”
Erazor: “No! NO! No, the world is mine! I must reign supreme! I cannot be denied by that filthy rat!
Sonic: “I already told you, I’m not a rat!”
(Erazor swirls into the genie lamp)
Sonic: “I’m a hedgehog.”

Trivia Edit

  • This is the comic adaption of Sonic and the Secret Rings
  • This arc will be the first canon ArchieSonic appearance of Shahra, Ali Baba, King Sharyar, Erazor Djin, Darkspine Sonic, and Alf Layla wa-Layla.

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