Arik Saunders is a character on 24.He is played by Tim Curry.A Canadian terrorist born to two British parents,He was born on August 15, 1940,In 1968 he aided the Vietnamese government in committing genocide against their people, for that he was sentenced to die by electric chair,however jack bauer's father broke him out,40 years later in 2008,Arik attached a bomb to Jack Bauer's Sister Delia Bauer,The bomb exploded killing her,Jack vowed vengeance against his dad and arik.Arik released Sarin gas in a subway station in England killng 450 and temporarily paralyzing 1,639.Arik And Jack bauer's father also attempted to assassinate the President of the U.S.A,However jack arrived and shot both his father and Arik in the spine thus killing them instantly

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