(no more Filmograpy all things from filming (still filming and not retire).,,
  • Blood Fists (???) As Curt Tyler (rumored)..,,,
  • Untitled Godfather (reboot film) as Nick Dudley (rumored)
  • Second Kill (???) as William Beeman (rumored)..,,,
  • Untitled Strikes Kill (???) as, Major. John Porter (rumored)..,,,
  • Alex Cross (???) as, Dt. Dr. Jimmy Cross (rumored)..,, Alex's son.

TV Shows

Knight Rider (TV Series 2016-2017) As, Micheal Long / Micheal Knight (Episodes 27-99).,,,

The Shadows 5-0 (???) As, Lieutenant Cop Jack Ryan (rumored) .,, (Episode 97-90)

  • Untitled Shadows 5-0 Spin-off (???) As, Jack Ryan ..,,
  • Webb (2016-2017) As, Lt. NYPD Richard Webb\Marcus Webb (rumored).,,,
  • Untitled Twins (???) as Lt. John Carter/Brandon Carter (rumored)..,,,
  • Untitled Summer Buds (???) as Shane Lee (rumored)..,,
  • Knight (TV Series-2019) as, Micheal Knight/Micheal Long (Uncreditied) Mike's father.
  • Second Dated (TV Series) as, Lt. Will Barrows (cameo only)..,, Willy's father.
  • The Look (TV Series) as Lt. Kevin Bowey\Travis Cole (faked) (rumored)..,,
  • Untitled Ben 10 Amination (???) as Ben Tennyson/Max Tennyson/Anti-Ben (voice)..,,,
  • Untitled 100th Wishes (???) as Deacon Bradley (rumored)..,,,
  • WWE Raw (TV Series) (2016-2017) as Axel Powell/Richard Axel/Scotty Moore Jr. (Episodes-28-29/2016-2017)..,,,
  • Cold Merlin (TV Series) (TBA) as Agent Cassidy Marlin (rumored)..,,,

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