Armed To The Teeth is the fourteenth album from American thrash metal band Chemical Asphyxiation; released on September 30, 2010 on GR Records; Chuck Griffith's own label. The album is produced by drummer Chris Nathan; and recording took place is Los Angeles in early 2010. The album spawned two singles; "War Bloody War" and "Re-Evolution" repressed before the album. It is preceded by 2008's Deathocracy. The song "Revival of the Destroyer" is a continuation from "Hail The Destroyer" off 1989's Frozen To Death.

Album artEdit

The album artwork for Armed To The Teeth depicts a highly armed soldier staring at the viewer with a cigar on his teeth. Behind him is a wartorn battlefield with a sign that reads WHAT WAR IS WORTH FIGHTING WHEN EVERYONE DIES? entrenched in the soil. The artwork was once again produced by longtime band collaborator John LeMar.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Born To Kill.....Killed For Life" - 7:00
  2. "War Bloody War" - 5:00
  3. "The Battlefield Part I: Armed For War" - 6:45
  4. "Re-Evolution" - 3:40
  5. "Revival of the Destroyer" - 5:00
  6. "A Race To The Death" - 4:40
  7. "AK-47.... Weapon of Choice" - 4:03
  8. "The Battlefield Part II: Bloodshed" - 6:00
  9. "The War To End All Wars!"


  • Chuck Griffith - vocals, lead guitar
  • Scott Naider - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Paul Barker - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Dave Richards - bass guitar
  • Chris Nathan - drums, production
  • John LeMar - art

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