Aroth is a land in JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.


Aroth was discovered by Isildur in the Second and he named it after Lord Aroth, a steward of Gondor and a great friend of Isildur, who once sacrificed his life for Isildur's in battle. Aroth is inhabited by a long-forgotten race of Men called Arothi. It was abandoned by all other races when the War of Aroth began, and the land was savaged and destroyed. The Arothi were exiled and punished by Isildur to stay in the very land they destroyed. The Arothi lived there for the entire Third Age, before abandoning it and leaving Middle-Earth forever.


Arothi are tall and thin people with no ears or noses. They were disfigured like this by King Torious, who sent a plague of dark magic across the land during the War of Aroth. It infected the land and ate away its flesh, but was eventually stopped by Torious himself. The disfiguration grew away slightly over the next generation, and the outcome was this lack of ears and noses. Arothi have pale eyes, as well.

War of Aroth

The Beginning

The cause of the war was King Torious. King Torious had only ruled the land for three years, when Isildur declared his ownership of the land. Torious was furious, as were his people, and he refused to forfeit the land. Isildur threatened Torious with war, but he ignored this. Isildur sent an army to confront Torious at his palace, and this is how the war began.

The Battle of Hale

The Battle of Hale (The city in which Torious' palace is situated) was the first battle of the War of Aroth. Isildur dispatched his army to confront the main source of his contempt head-on: Torious. Torious refused to surrender and, to show that he was unphased, did not evacuate the city. He ordered his subjects remain in the city. Isildur broke the defences of the city and attacked. Not many civialians died, as he simply marched on the palace. Torious fought back, and sent the army into retreat. The battle was his.

The Battle of the Hale River

Torious, to finish off the camping army, sent an army of 10'000 to ambush the army. When they arrived, they were met head-on by the suspecing army. Torious' was slaughtered. Isildur was victorious.

The Battle of Aroth

This battle was known as the Battle of Aroth because most of the male population of Aroth fought and it is the starting point of the rebellion. Many Arothi joined both Torious and Isildur, with families against families. A great battle was fought across all of Aroth in many different circumstances. This cluster of battles was known as the Battle of Aroth. After that. the lands were looted and savaged. Isildur gave up on his quest for a know spoiled land, and left. A great rebellion was fought, in which King Torious eventually died.