AI was first developed by Humans as early as 2009, but even now, 90 years into the future, they barely have anything above the 'Advanced' category. The Zodiac also have a few above Advanced, but they are useless for anything other than war. Most Zodiac AIs are used to control onboard weapons systems, particularly aboard a World Breaker platform, one push of a button is all that is required to 'break' a World, in otherwords, kill a planet. The only known sophisticated AI at the time of the year 2099 is the Harbinger 'Super' AI known as The Metatron. The Metatron has knowledge of almost everything residing inside of the 7 Super Universes inside of the Havona Sphere, and thus, all Human and Zodiac technology. Only to make matters worse, The Metatron believes Physical life is a disgrace to Metaphysical life, and wants to see it all destroyed. The Metatron was the main cause of the Inter Species War because it was the one who sent a cryptic message to the Arians in the form of a distress signal after their war with the Scorpions. They picked up this message and turned their attention to Earth, as the message said, "A dark evil grows near a sun, on the planet of green, from the east." The Arians then began observing east of them, on the only green planet in that direction, Earth. During the war, The Metatron was also the cause of The Great Divide. It laid down a beacon in the path of an Oracle Search Party on a Scorpion controlled world. The Oracles discovered The Scorpions, and enlisted them into The Zodiac, known that they would meet once again with the Scorpions, and a 'Great Divide' would ensue. And during the battle on the first Haven Disc, it was also the one who revealed The Eye to Queen Grendel Adrean, and was practically responsible for the Grendel Rebellion, as it was the one who also fed a signal to the UEC of the Gnashbone Fury's crash-site, which the Grendel Agents were already investigating, knowing that one thing would lead to another and a fight would engage, causing a ripple then a break in the Grendel / UEM alliance. The investigation of the ship also lead to the freeing of The Spawn, which The Metatron would use to engage its plan to extinguish all life in Havona, by using this biological weapon. This caused the UEM to think of The Spawn as the main threat, when they were merely doing what came natural, and The Metatron was doing this for selfish and diabolical pleasures. Eventually, The Metatron was destroyed when the final Haven was destroyed, as it was the only thing keeping the AI alive. This lead to the destruction of the final 'Super' AI, besides the Pseudo Super Class 4 Harbinger AIs, which could move between systems, but were not nearly intelligent enough to go insane, like The Metatron did. Really and truly, The Metatron was the main cause of all of the events, in the entire Total Assault saga, but like all Tyrants, it was destroyed.

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