Ascend to the Clouds
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in SSBSW
Playable Character(s) Bowser, Bowser Jr., Basilisx, Ice Climbers, Jade Wong, Starkiller, Luke Skywalker, Ultimo X
Home stage to Crouzex
Availability Rise of an Unleashed Army only

Ascend to the Clouds is the twenty-fourth stage in Rise of an Unleashed Army for Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars.

The level starts out in the midst of a battle. Crouzex is still fighting with Jade Wong, Starkiller, Luke Skywalker, and Ultimo X (as seen in a previous level, and Bowser, Bowser r., Basilisx, and the Ice Climbers are watching from nearby (as seen in the last level).

Bowser and his group charghe towards Crouzex, and the eight Smashers team up to defeat it. All the while, demons are attempting to retake the factory behind the Smashers, and repeated swarms of demons attack at the same time as Crouzex. Finally, Crouzex is defeated for good this time, and the Smashers concentrate on the remaining demons.

As the demons are cut down, there is an eerie feeling about the air. All of the Smashers become nervous, and very suddenly, Bowser Jr. disappears, followed by the Ice Climbers, and then Luke Skywalker. The other Smashers take no chance as they crazedly flee from the scene. Sadly, Bowser gets 'caught' and disappear, leaving Basilisx, Jade Wong, Starkiller, and Ultimo X on their own.

The Cloud departs, leaving behind, as a subtitle at the bottom of the screen says, "a secret so big, it hasn't been discovered, yet. . . ."

The level then ends.

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