Assassian School is the first Novel in the Assassian School series.Frank Brown and his friends are selected as Assassian's,And Frank discovers about the evil lord Xenastone.Also,He and his two friends finds out about an gold watch,Which the remains off Reamistone is trying to get.


Frank Brown is watching TV with his aunt Pamela,Who is nasty to him.An letter is received,And Frank learns he is going to Assassian school.Frank gets the help from Brian Wilkons,Who reveals he is an teacher at the Assassian school.He go's to the bank and receives something that Frank does not see.

Frank is waiting for his train to come and encounters Harry and his family,The Marple's.His younger sister,Michelle,Asks her mother if she can go but she tells her she can't.Frank and Harry sit together.They encounter Noel and his friends,Who are cold to them.

They then see Vera trying to help Darren to find his rabbit.When they get there,They learn that they are about to get sorted into a house,Trimstone,Ravenstone,Xenastone and Blackstone.Frank,Harry and Vera are sorted into Ravenstone.

In their first class,Defending,Darren and his friend Manny get into trouble caused by Noel.In their next class,They learn that Vera is great at everything.During dinner,Frank and Harry set up an time for them to fight with Noel,Which Vera overhears.

When they are about to fight,Vera and Darren stop them,But an Teacher comes,Which results in Frank and Vera getting separated.They bump into an big giant monster,Which nearly kills them.They escape and get back to Ravenstone house in time.

Darren and Harry leave Noel behind and get back in time too.The next day,Frank and Harry ignore Vera,Who is having no friends whatsoever.During one class with Brian,Brian lets it slip to Frank and Harry that Xenastone,The founder of Xenastone,Had possessed an girl named Becca,Who had killed over 100 hundread Assassians.However,She was killed after she had killed Frank's real parents.

In Christmas,Frank gets an dog as an gift from Brian.During that day,Vera is bullied by a group of Xenastone girls and she runs into the girls bathroom.An Monster is on the loose and it enters the girls bathroom.It attacks Vera,Who escapes.She climbs up to the wall to protect herself.

Frank and Harry manage to kill the monster and they escape outside when learning that the monster from early is protecting something.They head up to Brian who tells them that Xenastone has possessed an teacher.Frank then lock Brian away when he trys to stop them.

They learn an gold watch is the only thing that Xenastone could turn back.They then find the trapdoor that the monster is standing on.They manage to trick it and go through the trap door.They hide when they see "Differences between Humans and Assassian's" Teacher Andrew Stevens entering the next room.

They enter and then are attacked by wild plants,And Harry is sucked into one.Vera and Frank try to get him out,But another attacks them.They manage to escape to the next room and enter the other door.

They find Stevens with an hostage,Penelope Young.He then kills her and grabs her gold watch.Frank fights with Stevens while Vera trys to get the watch.She does and she throws it into the lave,Which kills Stevens.

All the Students are doing their usual thing in Christmas,When they scream when they find Vera and Frank covered in blood.Everyone are running and the headmaster,Remus Star,Takes them to the office and they explain.He helps Harry and frees Brian.The Trio depart.


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