Assassin's Creed: Revolutions is a sandbox-style action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is regarded as a spin-off from the main series, although the game's protagonist Nieto Caídose del Monarca is an ancestor of Desmond Miles. It was released on June 15, 2010 (USA), and globally on June 18, 2010.


The game follows Nieto Caídose del Monarca, the grandson of Spanish monarch Charles V, thus the son of Charles' son Philip II. The game takes place around 1540 in colonial era Spain, where Nieto adopts the ways of an assassin after his father is attacked and nearly killed by unknown assailants, and his brother Diego is slain. Severely scared from his wounds, Philip tells his son to go to Madrid, and seek Criado del Invasor, a servant to Hernán Cortés. Criado becomes Nieto's main go-to for asassination missions, and he tells him that the Madrid merchant lord Victor Drene la Monarquía Seca was one of the main conspirators in Philip’s attack. Criado tells Nieto to strike Victor when he is overseeing a shipment of goods at the harbour. Nieto follows Victor for a few metres, before striking him with the double blades, retained from Assassin's Creed II. Nieto then flees the scene, and is pursued by guards. He is then trapped in an alleyway, where Criado and some of his men rescue him with bows. As Criado helps Nieto up he says: ¿Espero que el hecho es hecho? ¿Derramó usted la tierra con la sangre de Monarquía Seca la? Su padre estará contento, y Diego ha sido vengado. Pero Seca no era solo. Venga, Nieto..." (I expect the deed is done? Did you spill the ground with la Monarquía Seca's blood? Your father will be pleased, and Diego has been avenged. But Seca was not alone. Come, Nieto...). He then leads Nieto to a secret entrance into what he tells him is the Templo del Asesino Moderno, where his ancestor's most prized belongings are held. Criado then tells Nieto that he is an assassin also, and that Diego was as well, and that Seca was a Templar.

After showing Nieto the Templo del Asesino Moderno, Criado tells him that he must go to Aragon and find Vincente de La Sabre, a man who is strangling the streets of Aragon with a tight crime grip. Vincente is also a conspirator in the attack on Philip, and met with Seca in Madrid before leaving back to Aragon. As Nieto and Criado arrive in Aragon, La Sabre meets with the other conspirators, including La Sangre da Salvadores, Christian Valgiari, Guillermo la Dolchean, Francisco Pizarro González and Don Espanezo, along with a representative on behalf of the Spanish templar’s leader, Josef la Dievi. La Sabre demands that Madrid be retaken, and says that Seca’s death was unaffordable. La Dievi agrees, and tells Valgiari and Espanezo to return to Madrid and retake control. As Vincente leaves the hiding place, he is spotted by Criado and Nieto from across the docks, and Nieto decides the time is right to kill him. He leaps across the pier and grabs Vincente, throwing him to the ground. Before he can stab him, the man gets to his feet and runs, crying “asesino! Asesino!”. A group of guards then appear, and Nieto must defeat them to get to Vincente. He chases him through Aragon, where he finally strikes in front of a tower, stabbing him in the back. Vincente confesses he knew his death would be next, and that Nieto will realise the truth, and discover the wrong people have died. Criado then finds Nieto after he has killed Vincente, and takes him to his new headquarters. He also rewards Nieto with two pistols, used similarly to the double blade. He then tells Nieto that Christian Valgiari and Don Espanezo have returned to Madrid, and that met must kill them. Criado remains in Aragon while Nieto travels to Madrid, where on the way he is intercepted by Espanezo’s manservant Vasallo del Duque de Córdoba and some other mercenaries. After a brief confrontation Vasallo nearly kills Nieto due to his lack of training, but he is rescue by the nomadic stranger who calls himself El Cuchillo de Zargoza. Cuchillo kills Vasallo and rescues Nieto, accompanying him on the way to Madrid. He tells him that he is too an assassin, and he wishes to help kill Espanezo and Valgiari. When they arrive at Madrid they see that Espanezo and Valgiari have taken control of the city, and have been plotting to kill the El duque de Alto del Consejo de España; Ricos de la Potente. Cuchillo advises Nieto to tread carefully, and teaches him how to counter before he goes and kills both Espanezo and Valgiari at the Palacio de la Diputación, where they are meeting with Ricos in a gambit to kill him and assert power of Madrid. Nieto infiltrates the Palacio as Valgiari and Espanezo stab Ricos to death, and chases them through the Palacio. He strikes with his newly acquired double pistols, and kills both Espanezo and Valgiari simultaneously. Valgiari refuses to speak in his dying breath, but Espanezo reveals a name to Nieto; Juan de Normandía.

Nieto flees the Palacio and meets Cuchillo outside the city as it descends into chaos. He asks him if he knows Juan de Normandia, and Cuchillo says that he has heard the name before, a powerful French man that dwells in Valencia. Nieto then bids Cuchillo farewell, and says that he will seek him when he returns to Madrid. He goes to Valencia, right before Juan has left, and must strike La Sangre da Salvadores at his palacio in the city. First, Nieto follows La Sangre da Salvadores, accompanied by Guillermo la Dolchean, Juan Puños de Furia and Francisco Pizarro González, through Valencia, as they discuss the recent deaths of Valgiari and Espanezo. Dolchean comments that La Sangre should watch his back, as he believes that he is next on the assassin's list. When they arrive at La Sangre's El Teatro Moderno Marvelous he invites Dolchean, Furia and González to attend a show, which gives Nieto the opportunity to strike all four of the Templars. He infiltrates the Teatro and kills La Sangre's guards patrolling the outer walls, before blending with the crowd attending the performance. La Sangre addresses the crowd before the show begins, and reveals the assassin who murdered the others, forcing the crowd to open up around Nieto. La Sangre then laughs, applauding him for his efforts. The three other Templars are not as brash as La Sangre, and flee the Teatro via a secret entrance. La Sangre notices their absence then climbs up to the roof of the Teatro, attempting to flee. Nieto follows, and murders La Sangre at the top of the Teatro, letting his corpse drop below into the remaining crowd. In his dying breaths La Sangre confessed that he was one of the Templars that personally attacked Nieto's family. Nieto demands to know where de Normandía is, but La Sangre is already dead. As he leaves Valencia, Nieto is reunited with Cuchillo, who congratulates him on his success. But he warns that the three templars present at the Teatro know that Nieto is coming for them, and will most likely barricade themselves in their personal palacios. Nieto responds by saying "no walls are inpregnable". Taking a special sword from Cuchillo, which he reveals is a family heirloom of Nieto's, the assassins leaves, following the trail of Guillermo la Dolchean.

Meanwhile back in Madrid the templars learn from Josef la Dievi that Criado del Invasor is a conspirator with the assassin, and Juan Puños de Furia, who has fled to Madrid after La Sangre's death, arrests Criado, taking him to his Le Torre del Mercenario. During his interrogation it is revealed that Criado knew Juan from another time, whereupon Juan responds by saying he will succeed where he failed years ago by killing Criado himself. Back in Valencia Nieto is notified of Criado's situation, whereupon he consults with Cuchillo, who says he will journey to Madrid and await Nieto, where they can infiltrate the Torre and rescue Criado. As the two journey to Madrid they are intercepted by Templar guards on the road, where the two fight them off before resuming their journey. After a while of travelling the two encounter a woman being harassed by guards. Helping her cannot be avoided, and Cuchillo and Nieto dismount and attack the guards, rescuing the woman, who reveals herself as Isabella Belleza Despreciada, a noblewoman who was cast out after the events in Madrid. She thanks the two for their assistance, and tells Nieto if he is ever in Madrid again to see her. Arriving in Madrid, which has worsened even more so then before, Nieto and Cuchillo quickly go to the Torre del Mercenario and fight some of Juan's guards, whereupon Cuchillo goes through the lower doorand takes the stairs while Nieto climbs the tower. As he is climbing he hears Cuchillo fighting off guards, and the arrive at the top of the tower around the same time. Nieto swings into the open window as Cuchillo scales the stairs, where they both notice Criado tied up at the wall. As Cuchillo cuts him loose he is shot by Juan, who arrives with his guards. As Cuchillo falls back Criado breaks free and draws his sword, swearing to kill Juan. The mercenary lord roars in fear, and surprisingly performs the leap of faith out the window. If Nieto is fast enough he can leap out also, and kill Juan mid-fall. In Juan's dying breath he laughs at Nieto's seriousness, and tells him that chaos will descend over Madrid with the death of all her protectors (Victor Drene la Monarquía Seca, and Juan himself). As Nieto reunites with Criado and a dying Cuchillo, the nomad tells him to avenge his death, whereupon he dies. Nieto roars in anger, striking his sword onto the ground. Criado tells him to calm, and says that three more remain.

Some time later Nieto journeys to Aragon again, where Guillermo la Dolchean is hiding on his barge heavily guarded by his men. Arriving at the docks Nieto can climb the mast of the ship without becoming detected, then drop into an area where there are minimal guards, and then infiltrate the inner chamber of the barge, where Guillermo is. Nieto enters the inside of the ship, where Guillermo, a few metres away in another section, flees upon sight, leaving Nieto to face a large group of his men. After they are dispatched Nieto follows Guillermo's track, and confronting him at the top of the barge. Guillermo cries that he will not suffer the same fate as his cousin, Victor Drene la Monarquía Seca, whereupon Nieto lunges forward and stabs him with his hidden blade. Guillermo reveals little on the whereabouts of the other Templars, and falls from the barge upon his death. Nieto flees the scene, where he is reunited with Criado in the outskirts of the city. He tells Nieto that Josef la Dievi, the templar's leader's representative, has arrived in Madrid via carriage, knowing that the sea is even dangerous following Guillermo's death. Nieto follows Josef secretly to the Templar's headquarters in Madrid, where he overhears la Dievi speaking with a figure obscured by the shadows, only his body slightly revealed. After the second man, presumably the Templar leader, leaves Nieto follows Josef into another part of the headquarters. When he confronts him, Josef seems surprised that he did not go after Francisco Pizarro González. Nieto then laughs, and plunges his blades into Josef, throwing him out the broken window and below. He then flees, rendezvous with Criado, and informs him that only Francisco Pizarro González remains. Criado warns him, saying that Pizarro has the powerful Sword of Eden, but Nieto replies his relics will not save him. Striking Francisco Pizarro González proves the most difficult assassination in the game. He is in the Plaza de los Reyes, heavily guarded, and almost impossible to get to up close and personal. Nieto climbs onto a nearby building, then scales the Majestuosa Torre de Oro behind the Plaza, where there is a viewpoint. As he climbs into a room, the Animus glitches, and the eagle vision activates, focusing on a cloak that was not there before. Shawn, from outside the Animus, comments that it appears to be the Sudario de la Invisibilidad, aka the Shroud of Invisibility. Nieto picks it up and puts it on, becoming somehow invisible. He realises this is the perfect weapon to assassinate Pizarro, and performs the leap of faith into a haystack below. Somehow Pizarro notices and drags an invisible Nieto out of the haystack, and throws him to the ground, tearing of the cloak. He proclaims that the man before him is responsible for the murders of Spain's most beloved government officials and et cetera, then tries to strike Nieto with the Sword of Eden. Then the crowd begins to go out of control, as a group of soldiers dressed differently to any seen before race into the crowd, tossing a sword to Nieto and causing havoc as a distraction. Sensing chaos, Pizarro flees, only to be pursued by Nieto. He chases him back to the top of the Majestuosa Torre de Oro and at the top Pizarro proclaims the truth, that Nieto has been killing the wrong people. Nieto says the news is nothing new, and stabs Pizarro, sending him plummeting down below.

Historical accuracy

  • Philip II's real life son Diego died in 1582, where in the game he died in 1540. This Diego is in his early twenties, whereas the real life Diego lived from 1575-1582.
  • Hernán Cortés died in 1547, which indicates it took Nieto Caídose del Monarca five years to eliminate all the other templars before confronting Hernán Cortés, under his pseudonym Juan de Normandia.
  • Francisco Pizarro González also died in a different year as in the game. He is also the second most powerful Templar only to Juan de Normandía, and when Nieto faces him is wielding a sword very similar to the Sword of Eden. Supposedly Juan de Normandía took it from his body, as he uses it later.

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