Flag of the Assembly of Nations (CotF)
Assembly of Nations (English)
Asamblea de Naciones (Spanish)
Assemblée des Nations (French)
Political information
Type of government



Charter of the Assembly of the Nations

Legislative branch

General Assembly of the United Nations

Judicial branch

Court of Justice of the Assembly of Nations

Societal information


Official language

English, Spanish, French

Historical information
Formed from

United Nations

Date of establishment


The Assembly of Nations (Spanish: Asamblea de Naciones) is the Federal Government which rules most of planet Earth.


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The Assembly of Nations was created in 2061 after the end of the Third World War to substitute the United Nations, which failed to avoid the war and became useless as war was near. Some of the AoN branches work under the name of the United Nations, such as the United Nations Transitory Authority which ruled all UN-controlled Martian territory after the 2061 martian revolution until the end of the Martian Revolution of 2127.