Harry Potter. Harry becomes friends with Luna, after Hermione and Ron think he entered the Goblet of Fire.


"I can't believe you", Harry shouted at Hermione. "Well i can't believe you either. You always were an ignorant fame seeking git", she yelled back.

Ginny Weasley looked up to see the fight. She was studying, but her two friends were fighting, so she decided to lisiten.

"Excuse me", Harry yelled. "Every year, i seem to become an target from an mass crazy killer and you think i enjoy it".

"Do yo-", Hermione was cut off when Ginny stood up and slapped her on the face. "How dare you suggest he would do something like this", Ginny hissed.

Hermione looked close to tears, but she ran out of the Gryffindor common room. "What was that all about", Ginny asked.

"She thinks i put my name in the Goblet of fire", he whispered. "I can't believe her. I thought she was you're friend", Ginny spat. She hated Hermione.

"Look i have to clear my head. See you later", Harry walked off, after waving goodbye. Ginny went back to studying.

Harry was going to Hagrids when he heard something. He hid behind an wall and heard three people were making fun of someone.

"Looney Lovergood, you're shoes are now food to the giant squid", one of the girls said. "So what, the Nargles can get me it back", she said to them in an dreamy voice.

The girls stared at each other, and then bursted into laughing. They simply walked off, leaveing the girl close to tears.

"Are you okay", Harry asked. "Yeah", she told him, still with the dreamy voice. "Harry Potter", she said. "Yeah, i guess you believe that i put it in as well", he sighed.

"No, i think it is the Nargles that put you're name in", she told him. "What is an Nargle", Harry asked. "It is these creatures that fly around you're head", she explained.

There was no point trying. The girl was crazy, but there was something sweet about her. Caring, kind. "What is you're name", Harry asked.

"Luna Lovegood. I should be going to find my shoes", she was about to leave when Harry called out for her. "Yes", she asked.

"Do you want to go down with me. For Hagrid's", Harry asked. "Sure", she smiled. The two of them walked to Hagrid's hut.

Harry knocked on the door, and he heard Hagrid get up to open the door. "Hello Arry, who is this las", he asked. "This is Luna Lovegood", Harry told Hagrid.

An hour later, Hagrid and Luna got on well with each other. "What happened to Hermione and Ron, Arry", Hagrid asked.

"They think i put my name in the Goblet of fire", Harry told him. "What. I thought they were you're friends", Hagrid was raging.

"Yeah. The only friends i have got is you, Luna and Ginny", Harry told him. "I'm you're friend", Luna was amazed. Her first friend.

"Sure", Harry felt sorry for the girl. It was bad enough she was getting bullied, and she had no friends what so ever, and had an long imaganation that would take him to Mars.

More to be continued. Next time. Harry prepares for the first task, and Luna and Ginny help him. Meanwhile, Hermione lies to Ron and says Harry is sleaping with Ginny.

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