Eighth Mission of Total Assault 3.





  • None

Saving the World

  • Once the entourage arrives on the other side, gameplay begins.
  • You begin with a Scope Rifle and Assault Rifle.
  • Weigh your enemies down from afar with the SR, then finish them off with brute force, the AR.
  • The Assault Drones you fight are the easiest enemies in the Mission, too bad they're the least common.
  • Once you make your way to the first crash-site, fight your way through with melee weapons, a Scythe if you can find one. On the other side of the wreckage, you will find Cody in a deranged state.


  • After Cody has a short quarrel with the team members, Davian manages to convince Cody they are his friends. Cody joins them, and Jon says that Davian is making a bad decision. Davian says he comes. Jon says they cannot trust him, Davian says he doesn't trust anyone. Jon says Davian is bad at making decision and that he, Jon, should have been leader of the MSWG. Jon then says for them to follow. Taylor, Ivy, and Daniel do so, yet Avisto, and Cody do not. Then Robbie appears by Davian's side after they help him destroy a horde of Assault Drones. Robbie is in his ExoSuit. The seven of them stand awestruck over a crater as a massive Apex erupts out of the ground. Davian then says that is where Bogart must be. Gameplay begins as Steinburg comes over the radio, telling Davian that the Spawn have spread out of control and that if they do not stop Bogart soon, everything, everywhere would die, they don't have much time.
  • The only thing I can tell you about the furious part, is to do your best. The Spawn are abundant in the hundreds. Once you get to a hill, a cutscene will play of Davian arriving over it, and gazing out upon fields and miles upon miles of Spawn infestation. Davian gets visions of the entire planet engulfed in Spawn secretion, and then planets, all of them red with spawn growth. Davian then erupts with rage and the player has increased strength, speed, everything. Use this momentary gift to plow your way through the masses and into the Apex. Once you get about halfway in, a pillar will fall and separate Davian from the other 6.
  • Once you activate the lift, you will continue to ascend, about halfway up, Davian will meet his match...

Epic Fail

  • Davian will gaze around, confused, until a cackling laughter erupts throughout the shaft. Then The Metatron reveals himself, saying he will win, and nobody will stop him. Gameplay will begin.
  • Strafe to avoid his lasers, at first he will shoot one, then as the battle goes on he will shoot three, five, and seven at a time. After surviving long enough, a laser will blast shoot the elevator and continue to do this, you must destroy the Lord of Lycanthropy by luring him into its path, only then will he be destroyed. Throughout the battle you will continue to receive messages from this entity, which then reveals itself to be the Spawn Core after killing The Metatron. Davian will ask if it is real, and it will reply, as real as your soul. The lift will continue to ascend again. And as you reach the top, you will be contacted by The Commander, telling him to hurry, then Ivy interrupts, telling him to do what he was born to do, save the world, and they are all with him.
  • The moment is interrupted by the Metatron, who taunts, "Aw, how cute, DID YOU HONESTLY THINK IT WOULD BE THAT EASY!? FOOL! YOU WILL DIE A HUNDRED DEATHS!" Then the Metatron and The Core get into an argument of the wits, until The Metatron finally orders that it silence before he locks it back where it belongs. When this vision is over, continue through the final door to confront Bogart.

The Eye

  • Bogart will open with The Eye in hand. With the Final Shard he collected from Casey he will present it and say he cannot be stopped now that he finally has his inherited belongings. When Davian asks puzzled, Bogart says he is part Harbinger, and thus, partly Metaphysical, and that he is safe from the Spawn. Bogart then tells an unknown entity to get out of his head, which is indeed The Metatron. It taunts Davian as well, saying he is too late, and that The Core, his instrument, is too powerful to be stopped now, and that he wins, he always wins. Bogart will then yell ENOUGH! and blast Davian with his Fusion Cannon. Davian will then raise his EMP Gloves infront of his face. You must rapidly press a particular button, the action button, to repel the beam and push him into the Eye to kill him. Once you are done. The final cutscene of Bogart being thrown into the Eye will playout. Bogart will then rise up, and say he cannot be defeated. Davian will become angry, but Bogart then says the reason he can see visions of The Spawn and their rise is because he is part Atlantean, one of the last with Atlantean blood flowing through their veins. Bogart will then proceed to shoot Davian again, but then a Raven will smash its way into the Apex, beams of light shining down on them as the line between The Mantle, and North America blurs. The six remaining of them then hop of the ship and say, "Need a hand?". Bogart will then get angry and yell saying it is his world and that now that he has the Eye, nothing can stop him. Then the massive Spawn Core rises up behind him, and eats him, dropping The Eye. Davian then looks at Robbie and tells him to hold off the Core while he goes to The Eye. Robbie engages in a short battle with The Core, and then The Core finally eats his suit, and is about to eat him when Davian tosses him The Eye, Robbie catches it, barely, and it then eats him, and The Eye. Then, the entire room is bathed in light as a massive Harbinger ship hovers overhead. It is about to fire. The others manage to hop onto the Raven and fly to the UEM Duality, just as it fires, destroying the Core, and everything on the North American continent. The Mission ends. The next mission is the final mission in the Total Assault Trinity.

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