Fourth level of TA 3





  • UEM
    • Timber Wolf
    • Desert Wolf
  • Zodiac
    • Hover Gun
    • Hover Turret


  • When the level begins, you will have a Shotgun and a Flame Thrower... that's already a bad sign, isn't it? Proceed through the winding halls of the massive sewage facility running beneath Roth, of course.
  • You will eventually come to a large dark room... and the music will change to Nine Inch Nails... that is definitely a bad sign...

Driver Down

  • Sure enough, you will be assailed upon by non-other than The Spawn. They come by the dozens, there are too many to fight, you must run past them, it is what the player is meant to do at this part of the level, you will get to fight plenty of them later on. Proceed through the winding halls, if you enter a side room with an old wash tub in it you will get a vision of a Spawn relaxing in a bath tub filled with water. Continue running until you get to a single Striker screaming, "Is that all you got you rotting pile of shit!?" He will then get maimed by a group fuck of them. Continue on, killing Spawn along the way until you get to a large circular room. A door will open, continue through to the last act of the Mission...

Across The Universe

  • Upon entering you will see a legion of Zodiac consisting of the 4 races you've already encountered fighting Spawn. While they are concentrating on one another sneak past them to a side passage. A Spawn will smash its way through the wall, demonstrating their isolated strength. Kill it and continue through the little door it made. Once you enter it, hang a right and continue down a massive corridor, until you reach... The Atlas.
  • Upon reaching it, the Mission will end, and a cutscene will play showing Shawn getting infected, and Cody and Jon killing the Shawn Spawn and escaping with Davian and Ivy, but not before being confronted by Bogart, who defeats all of them easily and escapes on a Zodiac Combat Carrier. Davian denotes he will surely call for reinforcements now that they're here.

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