Attack is an novel that features the friends characters.In America,New york,An Rock fell from the sky,Destroying the staute of Liberty.After work,Monica Bing finds out that most of New York have been overran by zombie like creatures.She and Chandler try to get answers while trying to find the others.

One The Rock

Monica woke up and saw her loving husband Chandler next to her,Sleaping.She adored him,He was her soulmate.Monica quietly got out of the bed,And walked to the living room where she saw Rachel watching the news."Hey Rach",Monica said and sat next to her.Just then,Rachel slowly turned around and smiled at her."Rach",Monica asked.Just then,Rachel jumped at her slapped her on the face.Monica tried her best to get her off,But Rachel was so strong that it felt like Monica was the weakest preson on the planet.Monica grabbed an lamp and hit it against Rachel,Making her fall back.Monica ran up to her bedroom and opened the door as quickly as she could.Just then,Chandler grabbed onto her and tried to bite her.Monica stood on his show and ran out of the bedroom.Just then,Rachel dived on Monica,And the two fell.Just then,Chandler walked up to her and leaned in to bite her.

Monica woke up in sweat.She looked at the alarm clock and saw it was 12 O'clock."Perfect",She thought and got up from the bed.She saw Joey and Rachel there,Eating their lunch."Hey guys",Monica moaned as she walked to the bathroom.Rachel then walked up to sofa after finishing her sausage and turned on the TV."Hey,Sally Walter here.There are reports that an rock crashed into the staute of Liberty,Completly destroying it",Sally continued on as Rachel looked at what was happening.

Monica gout out from her shower and changed into her clothes.She walked out of the room and saw Rachel watching the news in worry."Hey Rachel",Monica looked at the TV to see what was happening in the world.

Meanwhile,Phoebe was in Central Perk,Singing "Smelly Cat",And when she finished,There was chears from the crowds.When Phoebe went up to Gunther,She saw Ross running in."Hey Ross",Phoebe said befour she sipped her coffee she got from Gunther."Tell Monica to go in Mum and dad's,Please",And with that,Ross left.Phoebe decided to do this and went to Monica's apartment.

She knocked on the door and relised that she was not in,But the door was open.Phoebe then just left the building and decided to go to the Clinic to get that medicene the news were talking about to prevent them getting the Flu.

Monica walked around the street and saw Rachel."Hey,Rachel",Monica smiled."Hey,I need help",Rachel moaned as she looked at the sky."How",Monica asked."Well all the people in work are sick,And that i was meant to give them a letter so that i can transfer but i can't",She kicked the lamppost and soon regretted it.Just then,Monica told her to go to Pheobe as she had work.

Meanwhile,Sally Walter is seen running from an small group of people along with her camara man,Paul."Come on,Paul",Sally screamed as they ran into an shop.Just when they got in,They slided from somesort of goo and they looked at each other in fear.They were infected.Just then,The goo came up and consumed Paul,Causeinf Sally to scream.Just then,The goo consumed her as well,Causeing her to die a long and painful death.

Two Clinic

Phoebe grabbed the medicene given by the man and she payed him ten bucks.She walked out of the store when she saw Ross walking in the path."Ross",Phoebe ran up to him and Ross was taken aback when he saw her.Befour she knew it,Ross grabbed onto her and pulled her down into the road."HELP",Phoebe screamed and then she noticed other people walking up to her.Phoebe kicked Ross away and ran to her car.

She quickly got in and locked the door.Just then,The windows smashed as an man's hand came and managed to grab Phoebe.Phoebe was kicking the other window so she can try and get away.Just then,She managed to make the car go forward,Causeing the man to let go off her,But the car smashed into the Clinc.

Monica and Chandler were walking around the path while they saw Phoebe's car crash."Oh my god",Monica screamed as Chandler ran up to the car.He walked up to the door and saw an terrified Phoebe.Chandler opened the door and held onto Phoebe.

Just then,They were attacked by an woman and her son,Which caused Chandler to let go off Phoebe.Monica saw an pipe on the road and she picked it up.She ran up to the woman and started hitting the woman in the face.Chandler shoved the boy away from Phoebe and saw that the boy had bitten into Phoebe's neck.

"Oh my god",Chandler stared at the woman,Who seemed to be dying.Monica looked at Ross,Causeing the pipe to fall down."Jack,Judy",Phoebe whispered.Monica turned around at the mention of her parents."Go",And with that,She died.

Chandler mourned her death while Monica was in shock.Befour she knew it,Everyone was crowding around them,But they never noticed Monica but they did with Chandler.Chandler grabbed onto Monica and the both ran,Causeing the group of men and woman trying to get them,Slowly.They never saw Phoebe get up and joined the group.

Three Apartment 19

Monica and Chandler ran to their apartment,Knowing that they would be safer in there.When they tried to open the door,They heard screams coming from Apartment 19.Chandler and Monica looked at each other,And then at apartment 19.

Monica,Get in",Chandler whispered and he shoved Monica into their apartment.Monica quickly grabbed an knife."No chance",She whispered back and the couple quietly walked into the apartment.

Chandler slowly opened the door,And saw that Joey's bedroom was wide open.The two looked at each other and then decided that Chandler would go in without speaking.Chandler went inside and collapsed at what he saw.

Joey was stuck in goo,But his head was not.They then saw what caused this and saw an naked woman stuck in goo also.She must have been infected and turned Joey."Joe",Chandler whispered.He turned around and saw Chandler.

Befour Joey could speak,The goo consumed him and spreaded around the floor like fire,Trying to get at Chandler.Chandler dived into the other room and ran up to an terrified Monica."Get in,Get in",He screamed as the goo chased them.They ran into the apartment and locked the door.

Four Escape

Monica quickly grabbed the chairs and blocked the gaps off the door,Incase anything comes in.

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