Federation Purges and Devestation of Caamas


Ghorman Massacre

Attempted Destruction of Harry Potter Jedi Enclave

Imperial Atrocities


18 BBY


Harry Potter dimension

  • Imperial plot foiled
  • Eye of Palpatine is irrepairably sabatoged
  • Jedi at Hogwarts manage to escape
  • Jedi Order
  • Hogwarts Academy
  • Emperor Palpatine
  • Jedi Master Plett
  • Academy Headmaster Dumbledore
  • Jedi Knight Callista Ming
  • Student Harry Potter
  • Student Hermione Granger
  • Student Ronald Weasley
  • Eye of Palpatine
  • Jedi Masters and Knights
  • Hogwarts magicians and inflitrators

Eye of Palpatine sabatoged beyond repair

Jedi Knight Callista Ming

The Attempted Destruction of the Harry Potter Jedi Enclave was unsuccessfully committed by Emperor Palpatine in 18 BBY.


In the wake of Order 66, a group of Jedi, lead by Jedi Master Plett and Jedi Knight Callista Ming, had fled to the Harry Potter dimension. For some time, this dimension, which had remained independent of the Republic (and thus the Empire), had been very friendly to the Jedi Order. Hogwarts Academy, led by headmaster Dumbledore, provided refugee to the group of Jedi, which included 20 younglings, 12 padawans, 6 knights, and Master Plett himself. This attracted the attention of Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine constructed the Eye of Palpatine to destroy the Jedi enclave, and thus, Hogwarts Academy. This would not only get rid of a group of Jedi, it would also destroy the Hogwarts magicians, thus allowing the Empire to conquer the dimension unopposed.

The event

The Empire promptly sent the Eye of Palpatine to the dimension. The Jedi, Dumbledore, and students Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley, promptly noticed it. The Eye tried to destroy the Academy, but a trick by the Hogwarts magicians caused the fire to miss. Promptly, Jedi Knight Callista Ming and a group of Harry Potter magicians inflitrated the Eye, helped and provided with information by the students and Dumbledore. In the end, she sacrificed herself by binding her spirit with the Eye's computer system, causing it to malfunction and stop working.


After the Eye had been stopped, the Hogwarts magicians launched another trick to immobilize it completely. Despite this, the Empire now knew where the conclave was located. As such, Master Plett and his group fled, although provided with resources by the Hogwart students. They eventually fled to the Judge Dredd dimension, and found new lives as underground bandits. The Harry Potter dimension remained independent until the Empire finally conquered it in 1 BBY.

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