During the Time War the Nestine consciousnous sent a team of Autons back in time using stolen Tardis technology. They landed in 1991.They took control of wax factories and made an army.They replaced George.W.Bush,The Queen,The Director of Nationel Defense and The Prime Minister with Auton Duplicates.They then took over millions of factories and made millions of Autons.When on patrol a duplicate was shot. Dr Shivers examined him and learned he was wax.It then awoke and attacked but The Doctor saved him.He had snuck away from the war to end the Autons.The Auton Leader launched the attacked.The 2 doctors attacked their base. Shivers was sent to amplify the heating.The Doctor aloud himself to be captured as a distraction.When Shivers was about to increase the heating 2 Autons arrived and shot him. As he fell dead he increased it.The Autons began to die.The Doctor disarmed the signal shutting all the Autons down.He found and buried Shivers.The Doctor returned to the war.

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