Due to the film's un success, AVP: Alien vs. Predator was re-made, simply titled AVP.


The film opens in Alaska. Several people, Ambrose, Ashley and Nolan, are at a weather monitoring outpost, when they are struck by a tremor which knocks their power out. They go into their truck to go to Bear Ridge, the nearest town over, when they nearly back off of a gorge which had formed due to the tremor. When they get out, Ash notes that there is heat coming from the gorge. They get into the truck and go to bear ridge, the audience if it is quick can see something hop into the back of their truck. This is the Queen Face Hugger.

When they get there, within days the town is deserted, and on his way to the hotel from work, Ambrose and his crew is attacked by a strange humanoid creature, when he awakes to find the town deserted, he asks random passersby to find they do not know anything, and that he could have possibly been asleep for days.

The story goes to a group of Marines in the desert, fighting the same humanoid creatures as Ambrose encountered. Leading the squad is Zimmer, Lissome, and a few others. Most of their unit is killed, but Zimmer and Lissome manage to survive and kill the lead predator and escape before the bomb goes off. They then learn from Charles Weyland that they are being relocated to Alaska for a similar situation.

When they regroup, Ambrose finds Ash and they escape into some caves, meeting up with Zimmer, Lissome, Weyland and his crew. A majority of the rest of the film is spent revolving around the team trying to find a way out while trying to survive whilst pitted between two species, the Aliens and Predators, or Yautja and Xenomorphs as Weyland calls them. On his way out, Weyland is startled by Ash and accidentally kills her with his pick. When Weyland runs upon finding out he is being stalked by the few Predators, Ambrose arrives and fends off the Predators to find Ash. In her dying breath she hands him Weyland's necklace, which Ambrose mistakes as hers. He swears he will avenge her. Ambrose escapes with Weyland, but him and the survivors get separated, this includes Ambrose, Zimmer, and Lissome. Ambrose and the others fight their way through the outpost through insurmountable odds avoiding Predators and Aliens, before they finally escape to a vehicle, just as the massive Alien Queen bursts forth from the ground. They escape from her and she is killed by a massive melting glacier. Lissome and Zimmer are wounded and Ambrose proceeds to set up a comm relay but is attacked by one of the Predators.

Ambrose manages to kill it with its own spear, and then ANOTHER Predator appears behind him, and offers him a chance join sides with him. Ambrose refuses with a violent thrust through the Predator's stomach, throwing him off the cliff. Ambrose is then contacted by Weyland who appears and tells him that he has a chopper ready. Ambrose then realizes that the necklace is Weyland's, and Ambrose has to maintain all of his sanity to keep from killing him. Weyland tells him how sorry he is, and then tells him who is behind it all, Kotetsu Yutani, fourth most powerful man in the World, if not THE most powerful, running Yutani Bio weapons Corporations in unison with Weyland's very own Archaeological and Research Industries. The film leaves off showing the Predator that is dragged away by Aliens and impregnated in the caves. He is shown in a Yutani lab with a medical scar on his chest in a large glass tube, still alive. We hear a narrator telling about how God died in the heart of man so many years ago, and that he, Kotetsu Yutani, intended to bring it back. As Yutani is narrating, we see a water filled tank, and out of it bursts a hybrid of Alien and Predator DNA, and after this, the film ends, leaving it off for AvP.


  • The design for the warriors was the head from the dog alien in Alien3, the director David Twohy, said it looked more human-like, and he made the Predators more light on their feet and ninja-like, saying the Aliens were obviously larger and stronger than the intellectually and technologically superior Predators.
  • Actors include Hayden Christensen as Ambrose and Lance Henrickson as Charles Weyland, as well as Tom Hanks as Zimmer. All three have signed up for AvP 2, next year.

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