Avatar: The Assassin War
No. of episodes

Yet undecided, 5/6 chronicles






Avatar: The Last Airbender

First aired

18th of August, 2009

Avatar: The Assassin War is a new story, taking place 2273 years after the original series. It covers the life of a young avatar, who has been forced by his Avatar status to scurry around the globe, while being hunted by one particular assassin, Raven. The story will have influences from other stories like Better World and Wanted, and the various fights and assassins will have inspiration from many martial arts films, particularly films like House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero.


About two thousand years ago, Sozin's Comet past over, allowing Fire Lord Sozin to wipe out the Air Nomads.
Now, many years later, all benders are extinct. The world is no longer divided in the Four Nations, but in clans,
each ruled by a clan lord. The clans are in continuous war with each other, and each clan has their own assassins,
who they use to assassinate other lords and take over clans.

The Avatar still incarnates, now randomly appearing in the clans. It is the task of the clan lord of the Avatar's original clan
to kill the Avatar directly when he or she is known. Also, new creatures known as demons have entered the world. These are spirits who gave up their spirit life and immortality to lead a human life once again. Demons are stronger and faster then any human, and all have a demonic 'aura' which gives them access to rare and tremendous powers. But still, some demons bind with a normal human, and their children are known as half-demons. Apart from the demons, many other creatures, such as sorcerers, priestesses and many other, are now, not longer suppressed by the benders, common and habit the earth.



  • Raven: The best assassin there is, who has been given the task to kill the Avatar.
  • Gengi: Raven's non-speaking companion. Although he's a small, 13-year old kid, he's, apart from Raven, the best there is.

Team Avatar

  • Kai: The current Avatar, who had to leave his friends and family in order to secure them from assassins after he discovered he was the avatar. He doesn't practice any sort of fighting style, so he's an easy prey for Raven.

List of Chapters

The Chronicles of the Hunter
Chapter One Briefing After completing a mission with her companion Gengi, Raven gets her most important mission so far: killing the Avatar.
Chapter Two The Prey Kai leads a normal life until, by accident, he discovers he's the avatar. When he has left his village, a strange figure comes to ask about him.
Chapter Three The Hunt Begins Raven has finally found Kai. The battle begins, and Raven defeats him easily. But when she's about to kill him, something stops her...
Chapter Four Allies Heavily wounded and amazed by the outcome of the battle, Kai reaches the house of his friend, Sainou. Meanwhile, Raven also gets a new ally while she's traveling.
Chapter Five The Bender Because of Sainou, Kai's precious book that he got from his mother is destroyed. But inside, Kai discovers something strange. An airbending scroll! Kai can master a few moves, but is then confronted with Raven and her new ally Aiane.
Chapter Six The King of the Hill, Part 1: The Abduction When both Sainou and Aiane get abducted, Raven and Kai are forced to work together to save their allies from an insane lord.
Chapter Seven The King of the Hill, Part 2: The Rescue Raven and Kai succeed to rescue their allies, but after the rescue they fight each other once again. Later, Raven discovers someone is following her and she attacks her pursuer, who appears to be strangely familiar. But when she's about to kill him, someone stops her...
Chapter Eight Raven's Journey Raven is sent to a possible future by the strange figure. That future however, is sickening, and the strange figure tells her that how the future is will depend on whether Raven succeeds or not in killing the Avatar. After this, Raven's world begins to fall apart, and she too...
Chapter Nine The Herbalist Raven is very sick, and Aiane fears she might die. So, she departs to a renown herbalist. Meanwhile, Kai and Sainou have their own problems...
Chapter Ten Finding Answers Raven and Aiane confront Kai and Sainou once again. In the middle of their battle, suddenly, Hakai and Gengi show up. Hakai, Raven's Lord, then tells all of them the horrifying truth...