The next Marvel and Carrie crossover finally begins after the battle with Sinister in X-C 2: Rise of Sinister. Carrie returns to once again team up with the Avengers to battle Andrew Detmer, another telekinetic revived by Thanos. This fiction page is rated PG-13 for disturbing events, violence and language. Any peopl under age 13's are advised and references from other movies are burrowed here.

Thank you for reading.


Chloë Grace Moretz / Carrie White

Dane Dehaan / Andrew Detmer

Robert Downey Jr. / Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Chris Evans / Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Chris Hemsworth / Thor

Hugh Jackman / Logan (Wolverine)

Mark Ruffalo / Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

Scarlett Johansson / Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

Jeremy Renner / Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

Jason Flemyng / Azazel

Alan Cummings / Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)

Patrick Stewart / Charles Xavier

Sebastian Stan / Bucky Barnes (The Winter Solder)

Liev Schreiber/ Victor Creed (Sabertooth)

Paul Rudd / Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

Tom Hiddleson/ Loki

Samuel L. Jackson / Director Nick Fury


On a eerie murky atmosphere night, lurking around was the revived Andrew Detmer (Dane Dehaan). He was dragging himself around like a mindless zombie (Except he wasn't since Thanos was the one that revived him)

Unfortunately, that's when a woman saw him limbering from across the road and she called him out

Woman: Hey! Hey sir! Are--you alright?

He slowly turned his head towards her and his eyes flashed purple as she backed away.

Woman: Um....never mind. *Runs* (Lol)

He walked on out in town into an abandon street then some muggers saw him pass by

Thug: Hey buddy. You're on our street. You want to come by here; you got to pay to pass.

Andrew ignored them and walked on

Thug: Hey pal! Did you hear me?!

They were just about to grab him till his eyes turned completely black (Like Carrie and Rachel) and the street lights bent and tied them all up (By Andrew's telekinesis) and crushed them all to death

Andrew: Never. Ever. Screw. With someone with the power of a god.

He walked on, but he was completely unaware that an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. under cover was watching him. Then he pulled out his radio and spoke into it.

Agent: Sir? I've located the source of the disturbance. Looks like we got another telekinetic. Someone we could replace Project R-T with. He also just killed several civilians.

Fury on radio: Good work, Agent Ross. Do not peruse. We need extra power to subdue him. Bring them in. Now.

(Title sequence: Avengers Chronicles)

We cut to Asgard where moments ago, Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) had awakened after being pulled out of Sinister's castle when it fell apart where she was trapped, thanks to Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

Carrie: How'd you know where I was? And how'd you find me?

Thor: Heimdall saw that you were in trouble. The bifrost opened up where you where you were and at the last minute, it pulled you into Asgard before the castle demolished. We brought you to the healing room to treat your injuries.

Carrie: And....Chris?

Thor: We never saw her. She could've been squashed by the ruble.

Carrie: Maybe..... *To herself* But deep inside I doubt it.

Odin (Anthony Hopkins): *By doorway* My words made call and you ignore them again?

Thor: She's a friend.

Odin: She's mortal.

Thor: I brought her here to heal.

Odin: She does not belong here in Asgard any more than a goat belongs on a banquet table.

Carrie: Did he just call me a goat? Who do you think you are?

Odin: I am Odin Allfather. King of Asgard. Protector of the nine realms.

Carrie: Oh....King, huh? Sorry. I'm--

Odin: I know who you are.....Carrieta White.

As soon as she heard that, she just groaned.

Carrie: Oh my.....Did you know what I've done? Who I've killed? What I've had to scratch and claw for to survive back on Earth?

Odin: Giving the events that started it all......Yes.

Carrie just covered up her face and leaned on the nearest support beam.

Carrie: Oh my god....I swear I can't go anywhere, without people bringing up my past events.

Thor: Young one, I once understand your pain as my brother, Loki had done the same as well. being cut from the same cloth....nowhere close to him. But....I can still see what goodness you have stored in your heart, Carrie White.

Carrie just looked at Thor with a look of confusion and she didn't really know what else to say.

Carrie: I appreciate But....I should be getting back home.

Thor: I apologize, but if you would like to return to Earth, you are to wait. The biofrost.....

Carrie: What?? What about it?

At the Bifrost....

Heimdall: The bifrost has some malfunction. We won't be able to travel without risking a life. For mortals, it could be more dangerous.

Carrie: But I have to get back. Kurt will be so worried and so will Rach.....

Heimdall: They seem to be fine. But.....

(Meaning he saw Mystique with them Giving she was disguised as Xavier at the end of X-C 2)

Carrie: What?

Heimdall said nothing till......

Heimdall: They're fine.

He didn't want to worry her.

Thor: Listen. Come with me and we'll get you settled. Heimdall, you'll inform us when the bifrost is ready?

Heimdall: Yes, sire.

Carrie: *Pants* Kurt....

She then walked with him

Meanwhile, back on Earth, we cut to where Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) was sleeping in the middle of the night as he tried to keep himself calm.

(For some odd reason, he can still barely control it)

But unfortunately, he heard a noise that woke him up

Bruce: Hello?

The noise happened again and he grabbed a nearby golf club and cautiously walked into the kitchen, reached for the light and turned it on and soon as he saw WHO it was, he lowered the club.

Bruce: Really?

Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson): Come on, Bruce. You're not that hard to find.

Bruce: Yes, I am. What'd you doing here? I told you--

Romanoff: This ain't about us. Fury sent me to find you again. And trust me, you're really....not that hard for ME to find you.

She throws down a file and Bruce looked at it, revealing the records of Charles Xavier's disappearance.

Bruce: Xavier? Th-the guy that runs a school for mutants?

Romanoff: He disappeared after his mansion exploded. The mutant known as Mystique was recently apprehended. But she won't reveal anything on Xavier's whereabouts.

Bruce: want the "other guy" (Lol) to interrogate her?

Romanoff: No. Unfortunately, Fury sent me to find you because....we have another telekinetic on the loose.

Bruce: And who might that be?

Romanoff throws another file on the table and Banner looked through it

Romanoff:'re going to love. Andrew Detmer. Mother died, Father....was a bastard. One day, he came across a cave with some....unknown object that gave him telekinesis. He starts abusing them, he sets off and all hell brakes loose. Sound familiar?

Bruce: Carrie and Rachel....given their past track records. But their powers were inherited. They were nowhere near the same state as this kid. I mean....not the same cause of the trigger of their powers. Should we bring them in on this?

Romanoff: Actually....Carrie is gone. The X-Men were battling another enemy and....Carrie didn't make it.

Bruce: Oh dear lord.....that's awful.

Romanoff: Yeah....Rachel, however....we'll bring her in, if necessary. But for now, she's safe with Peter.

Bruce just stretches and sits on the couch with his legs crossed.

Bruce: So what now?

Romanoff: *smirks* We go on a little trip.

Later, some truck drove into a secured lot where Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and his crew came out of the back of the truck.

Scott: Tell me, Doc. Everything's set right? I got to make this count.

Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Dougless): It's fully decoded. But we still need to test the upgraded shrinking process.

Scott: Well, I need more than a test. I need a field test.

Dr. Pym: I understand that. But we can't overload it.

Soon as they brought the equipment in the lab, they had an unexpected guest who turned on the lights

Scott: Mr. Stark??

Tony (Robert Downey Jr.): Scott a recap, you're not gonna go big on me, right?

Scott: *Scoffs* No.

Tony: I don't believe it.

Scott: Well, I don't believe you're even coming here face to face with me. You locked me up after the airport event two years ago. Remember?

Tony: Ok....I admit it. I'm a pipping hot mess. But it was nothing personal. It was

Scott: Business. Try telling that to my daughter.

Tony: Well, enough on that. I'm really here to bring you in.

Scott: Jail?

Tony: Fury.

Dr. Pym: Scott, who is this man?

Scott: You don't know?

The doc nodded.

Scott: Pym....

Pym: I just hope it ain't that Stark fellow.

Tony: Son of a b**ch. Of course, Mr. "Key to the City" isn't immune to everything. Just let me speak with him.

Scott handed over his watch communicator and turned to Pym

Scott: Listen Doc, just let me talk to him for a minute. It shouldn't take long.

Pym nodded and left the room then Stark spoke out.

Tony: Like I said, when I brought you in that was business. Cause you were helping Rogers harbor a wanted fugitive who's also a murderer. But before you jump to conclusions, I want to ask..... *Throws files down* We got two new cases. Missing person and another telekinetic.

Scott: Oh great. So what's this one?

Tony: Nothing like the other two. But another abused kid that only got his powers from some.....cave with alien technology and went nuts later.

Scott: What telekinetic doesn't? And who's the missing person?

Tony: The mutant guy. *Points at the second file* Charles Xavier. Some other mutant that shape shifts kidnapped him and took his place. That is...until the X-men brought her to us. As far as we know.....she's the only one who knows where he is.

Scott: Hmm....guess the Doc and I better run those tests fast.

Back in Asgard, Thor showed Carrie around and she was in some type of dress that Jane wore (In Dark World) and he even told her some stories on how Asgard began

Thor: Since the dawn of the Nine Realms, Asgard was built by my grandfather, Borr Allfather. When he was a young king, he lead our people to peaceful times.

Carrie: My god.....the way I was taught was so different.

Thor: My father. He lead our warriors during the battle with the frost giants. They attacked the nine realms non stop until my father defeated their king Laufy. Who brother's biological father.

Carrie: Your brother.....Loki....?

Thor: Yes....I'm surprised you remembered.

Carrie: That's cause he's right behind you.

Thor immediately jointed behind him and saw Loki (Tom Hiddleston) peeked at their conversation

Loki: New comrade?

Thor: Wha--Loki?!

Loki: Relax brother. I didn't come here to fight you....if I was, I'd be outnumbered. I.....

Before Loki could finish, Thor grabbed him and lead him to somewhere less public with Carrie following them and puzzled

Thor: Does father know you're here?

Loki: As if.

Thor looked at him seriously.

Loki: Oh, stop with the frowning. I came to say Goodbye.

Thor: Goodbye?

Loki: I'm clearly not welcomed in Asgard due to my....."track record" That's why I'm settling on Earth. And no....I'm not invading it again.

Thor: What's this about, Loki?

Loki: I've had a change of heart. See....since you discovered I was posing as father after the battle with Malikith and he exiled me without my powers I've had an encounter with a friend of yours say....unchained me.

Thor: Who are you talking about?

Loki: Do you remember Darcy Lewis?

Thor: *Blinks* Yes. She's Jane's intern

Loki smirked.

Thor: Loki, what did you do?

Loki: Nothing. Like your precious Jane Foster changed you, Darcy had changed me and so I'm starting fresh.

(Hear the story of Loki and Darcy in Loki: The God of Mischief coming soon to fandom)

Loki backed up, leaving Thor speechless

Loki: Goodbye brother. I'm sure we'll meet again someday. Till then.....

As Loki disappears, Thor just stood there so speechless and Carrie overheard the whole conversation

Carrie: What just happened?

Thor: Apparently, Loki has met up with the error of his ways. He's no longer an enemy to yours or my kind.

Carrie: Well....just be thankful he was able to turn himself around before it was too late.

Thor: It may have already been too late. Maybe that's why he turned around.

Odin: *From behind* My son.

They looked towards him...

Odin: The bifrost is ready again. It's time to take the mortal back to Midgard.

Thor takes a good look at Carrie and then makes a decision

Thor: I must accompany her back there.

Odin: How so?

Thor: Um....I have to check with Rogers back on Midgard about.... a-a weapon S.H.I.E.L.D. is building.

Odin: Very well.

Thor and Carrie later came to the bifrost later on as Heimdall then spoke on......

Heimdall: Funny that you told your father that you had to see Rogers. He's actually looking for you.

Thor: What happened?

Heimdall: *Turns over* A certain professor had gone missing. Kidnapped.

Carrie: Prof-- *Gasps* Professor Xavier??!!

Thor: Your teacher?

Carrie: *Runs to Heimdall* Tell me what happened to him.

Heimdall: A mutant. Able to take the form of any mortal. But captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Carrie frowned because she knew which mutant could already do that.

Carrie: Mystique.

We then cut to a holding cell at S.H.I.E.L.D where Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) was held where Magneto used to be held in starring across at Hawkeye (Jermey Renner) outside the cell.

They both exchanged looks as Hawkeye moves closer.

Hawkeye: it?

Mystique: No one calls me that. Raven Darkholm is DEAD.

Hawkeye: Seriously? If I weren't mistaken, I'd say you must've hurt someone you must've--Oh yeah....that's right. YOU DID.

Mystique bangs on the door, making Hawkeye back up as he took his bow and arrow, pointing at her

Hawkeye: Don't make me shoot first and ask questions later. Cause I don't feel like asking questions to stuff I don't wanna know the answers to.

Mystique: Well.....excuse me, Robin Hood.

Hawkeye: Really? Are you--Ahh. Never mind. What'd you do with Xavier?

Mystique backed up from the door and sat back down

Mystique: As his good friend...I just want to make sure he's safe. From all of you.

Hawkeye: Last time I checked, we didn't even arrange a search warrant on him. So.....wrong.

Mystique: More wrong for your government to hunt us all down like animals.

Hawkeye: I had nothing to do with that. We've all got something to hide. Like you're hiding the Professor.

Mystique: Poor simpleton. You've got no way of getting the truth out of me.

Hawkeye: But someone else in here.....does.

Later, the bifrost transported Carrie and Thor back down to Earth at the Avengers HQ, where they were greeted by Captain America (Chris Evans) and Agent Ross (Robert Patrick)

Caps: Thor. I was beginning to wonder if your gate keeper even heard me.

Thor: Heimdall takes his time.

Caps: *'"See's Carrie* Carrie? Hey. I--I thought you were dead.

Carrie: Wha--Course I'm not dead. Who said I was dead?

Caps: Logan did.

Carrie: What??

Caps: N-never mind. *To Thor* We have someone that needs help with a little informant.

Carrie: *See's Agent Ross* Mr. Ross?

Agent Ross: Y-yes?

Carrie: Y-you may not remember me. Then again, you haven't met me but....I went to school with your son, Tommy....I-in Chamberlain.

Agent Ross: Tommy....uhh.....

Carrie: Oh, Mr. Ross...I-I'm sorry I--I...

Agent Ross: No. No. Let's just....Captain, you take it from here.

He turns around and walks away......

Carrie: Me and my big mouth.

Caps: The situation is....One: We have another telekinetic wreaking havoc. And two: This Professor Xavier guy was kidnapped.

Carrie: Is it Rachel?

Caps: No. Someone new. And someone....who died too. But....isn't.

Thor: Who is it?

Caps: Birth name: Andrew Detmer.

Carrie: Who?

Caps: I-I wish I could tell you more, Carrie.....but it's classified.

Carrie was getting really REALLY annoyed with the fact that so much info was being kept from her, but before she could open her mouth, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) came into the area.

Hill: Captain. Just wanted to bring an update on the information from the informant.

Caps: Anything?

Hill: I'm afraid not. Not a damn word. She's a tough bugger to crack.

Caps: Barton got NOTHING on her?

It didn't take long for Carrie to figure out what they were talking about. She shruggled passed the Capetian and into the facility

Caps: Carrie? Carrie!

She soon came in and into the cell halls and she finally found the cell Mystique was in as she saw her staring at Hawkeye....again

Carrie: Haven't got anything out of her?

The voice startled them for a second

Hawkeye: C-Carrie?? But I heard--

Carrie: I know, I know. I'm getting that alot. But I'm not gonna talk about that right now. I need to talk with her.

Hawkeye: What?? But--she--

Carrie: Mr. Hawk....please.

He eventually complies and let's her in the cell she then stands infront of Mystique staring into her yellow eyes

Carrie: Raven....

Mystique: Don't call me that! She's dead!

Carrie: The Professor never believed that. And neither do I. I know there's a good part of you still in there. I know you've had it rough that's what you and I have in common. But this is essential. Where's the Professor?

Mystique: It's none of your god damn bussinuss.

Carrie's eyes slowly went black and approached Mystique a few inches further

Carrie: Don't. Make me. Hurt you.

Mystique: Alright! Alright. I'll tell you. Just calm yourself will ya?

Carrie's eyes turned back and Mystique sat down and sighed

Mystique: My dear friend on an island at the south coast of the posific ocean. A mutant leader named Azazel of the Neyaphem race.

Carrie: What does this Azazel guy want with the Professor?

Mystique: I don't know. More likely he was more into interested in turning the X-men against each other after his dealings with your old friend, Mr. Sinister.

Carrie: Azazel worked for Sinister?

Mystique: He was more intersted in his work. Even when you're friend Logan stood up for one of his clones against his own friends.

Carrie: Kayla. *Sighs* Alright. Now I want you to tell me about the other telekinetic.

Mystique: How the hell should I know about that?

Carrie: *Slams the table* This is not a game, Raven.

Mystique: Threaten me.....*Changes into Xavier*......and you'll never see him again.

Carrie just stood back only for the Professor and was about to walk out till....Mystique turned back into herself and dropped a bombshell.

Mystique: I didn't tell you the best part....Azazel *Chuckles*

Carrie: What?

Mystique: He. Is your boyfriend's....biological father.

Carrie: *Blinks and gasps* Kurt.....

We cut where later at junkyard where Andrew was by a fire in a garbage can trying to warm up until....

Voice: Andrew Detmer. I believe you and I can help each other out.

Andrew: Who's there? *Raises his hands* SHOW YOURSELF!!

Voice: As you wish.

Out of the shadows, Azazel (Jason Flemyg) himself appears with his arms behind his back and approached Andrew as he felt the force of his abilities but he wasn't afraid of him

Andrew: So you finally shown yourself.

Azazel: Well....I see it was hard for you to do the same.

Andrew: Where you getting at? I've only had so much to dish out in this world. No one knows what hell feels like....until you experience the feeling for yourself.

Azazel: I KNOW?

Andrew was just about to attack 'till Azazel teleported behind him and knocked him down. As Andrew recovered himself. Azazel shapeshifted into.....Andrew's father

Andrew:, you can't be....Anyone but YOU!!!

Azazel: (Mr. Detmer) Don't disapoint me, son. You know, full well, I will never let you out of my sight.

Andrew: What'd you want?!

Azazel: *Turns back to himself* Simple. I've come to bring destruction to the X-Men. But the only thing that prevents that is the other team of heroes: the Avengers. Andrew Detmer.....will be my weapon.

We cut later in Stark's lab where he had Romanoff and Hawkeye come by for a big assignment (Yes where he sends them to help Spider-man in Spider-Man: Right Hand of Power)

Tony: Friday detected some heavy activity going on in New York. Pete could be in serious trouble. So I need you guys to take an investigation there. And insure, Pete doesn't hurt himself. He's gotten careless a few times.

Romanoff: Why send us? You're gonna need us on the third telekinetic.

Tony: I'm aware of that. But there's something else out in the ordinary. Friday?

Friday quickly turns on the flat screen to reveal the scan for the mission.

Friday: Three nights ago time: 9:30 p.m. A meteor shower entered our solar system. But only one landed on Earth in east New York carrying an alien life form: Symbiote.

Tony: Thank you, Friday. Apparently, this doohickey has the ability to bond with anything it feels like. Depending who you are, you'll get stronger with it. Only down side is.....

Romanoff: Makes you a bigger bastard. No offence.

Tony: None taken. As if it weren't enough piggy back-riding on my back, Peter is in the facinity where it landed and that....other telekinetic girl he's dating is with him.

Hawkeye: I call dibs on Peter.

Tony: That was fast.

Hawkeye: Well, what you expect from me Stark?

Romanoff: Anything else?

Tony: Friday? Bring us a report on this Goblin guy.

Friday showed a hologram of the Green Goblin.

Friday: Analysis: The Green Goblin. Status: Super villian. Readings show he stolen a chemical from Oscorp, sir. The family corporation of the Osborns. Chemical: Unknown.

Romanoff: Alright. That's good enough for me. We'll go help him.

Tony: And be sure to pick up a sample of that symbiote stuff and bring it back here.

Hawkeye: And if someone bonds with it?

Tony: Then bring them back here.

Friday: Sir? There's a call for you from Director Fury.

Tony: *Chuckles* Tell him to hold on. I'll be right there.

Soon as Hawkeye and Romanoff left for New York, Stark brought down Friday and turned to the door where Thor and Carrie were standing

Tony: AHH!

Carrie: What?

Tony: For god's sakes,

Carrie: I know. Again, I get it a lot now. By the way, Thor and I couldn't help but to overhear that conversation. Where they going?

Tony: To New York. They went to Peter.

Thor: The web slinger?

Carrie: Rachel's boyfriend. Are they.....?

Tony: They'll be fine. With Natasha and Clint helping them, there's no worry.

Carrie: She must also think I'm--

Hawkeye comes back in for his bow and overheard what she had said.

Hawkeye: Don't worry. I'll tell her you're alive.

He head back outs back out as Friday reminds Tony again.

Friday: Sir? Director Fu--

Tony: I know, I know.

He slowly takes his time and walks to the main hall.

Carrie: Is his computer his maid or something?

Thor: More like virtual butler and he used to have a one before then named Jarvis.

Carrie: What happened to Jarvis?

Thor: Killed by Ultron. But later, he was revived as a new member to the Avengers. Named Vision.

Carrie and Thor followed Stark to the main hall and he answered the call on the main hall screen. It eventually covered up the windows and the walls and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) popped up on it

Tony: Fury.

Fury: I trust you're aware of our situation.

Tony: About the missing Professor? And the third Telekinetic? Yes. Friday and Vision keep me in check.

Fury: I hope they also informed you what Mystique gave to Carrie White. Welcome back.

Carrie just looks up and nods.

Fury then shows a virtual data file of their next target.

Fury: Azazel. A demonic mutant.

Carrie just stared at what the screen revealed it had her thinking on what Kurt would say about this

Carrie: *Whispers* My poor Kurt.....

Fury: We think he's running a cult of demon mutants. And has the Professor captive.

Tony: And the telekinetic?

Carrie looked over and listened close....

Fury: *Shows another data file* Andrew Detmer.

Carrie: Oh no....

As she examined the file while Fury explained Andrew's history, she could not believe what she learned. She backed up and dropped the file.

Everyone just stared at her even Fury through the screen

Tony: You alright?

When Thor took a look at the virtual file, he immediately understood Carrie's pain

Thor: Another one of your kind?

Carrie: Related? No. But we're pratically cut from the same cloth. My EXACT copy. I just.....*Kneels on the floor*

Tony was about to put his hand on Carrie, but she shrugged it off and ran out

Fury: Leave her be, Stark. She may need to sink this in for awhile.

Tony: Ok....Let me make one thing clear. I'm not living up to our fife and this....*Looks where Carrie left* Well.....

Thor got worried about Carrie at that point. He was about to go after till Stark put his hand on his chest

Tony: Thor. Let her go. She needs to be let be.

Thor looked towards where she left and sighed.....

Meanwhile at an island in the middle of the ocean (The one Mystique told Carrie about) a helicopter landed on a landing stricted and Azazel and Andrew came out of it and admired the fortress he built

Man: Welcome sir. Everything is on schedule.

Azazel: And our guest?

Man: Secured.

Azazel: Good. Come Andrew. There's someone I'd like you to meet.

He lead Andrew to a secured facility where Charles Xavier was held in some chamber and soon awoken

Azazel: Charles. Good afternoon.

Xavier: Azazel. Where am I? Wh--

He then tried to read his mind but.....

Azazel: Don't bother Professor. This chamber you're secured in prevents you from reading any minds in this room. Allow me to introduce you to...

Xavier: Andrew Detmer.

Azazel: Oh you've met.

Xavier: I offered him a place in my school after his event in the cave.

Andrew: Like I'd ever be accepted in anyone's school. Hardly was in my own.

Xavier: How are you alive? You were impaled.

Azazel: A mutial friend was kind enough to revive him. Belive me, he controls many things in the balance.

Xavier: Thanos.

(Yes, he knows of him)

Azazel: Yes. Generous of him wasn't it?

Xavier: Andrew, you must listen...

Azazel: Don't bother again, Charles. He's already decided to crumble this wretched rock out of vengeance, including your little school.

Xavier: It won't just cost me, Azazel. But you it worth the loss of your son?

Azazel jumped up and yelled.

Azazel: ENOUGH!! You are beneath me. And you will know you're rightful place.

He was about to walk out till.....

Xavier: In case you're curious....Kurt did turned out to be a fine boy.

Azazel looked back at him and said.....

Azazel: Well, we all have to make sacerfices will you....

And so Andrew was left to watch over Xavier

We cut where later Agent Hill discovers some crucial information


She mader her way back to HQ's main hall, but happened to run into.....

Hill: Mr. Stark? Where's the Captain?

Tony: Oh boy...what'd he do now?

Hill: Nothing. But...his buddy has.

Stark flinched for he knew what she was talking about

Tony: Where is he?

Somewhere in North of Washington, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) was fixing his newly rebuilt metal arm till.....someone came in his know who

Rogers: You alright?

Bucky: Been better, old friend.

Rogers: Listen; I---heard what happened.

(Let's just say Caps knew whatever happened before Hill did. He's quite good at that.)

Bucky: Yeah. Someone in the shadows used the chant on me to turn me into....that monster inside me. It's best if I don't talk about the rest. I already screwed one family up. And I sure as hell ain't messing up another.

Rogers: Well, I thought I screwed up when I thought I lost you. I know that was years ago.....but it always feels good to start anew.

Bucky: Well, Stark doesn't want to give me a chance. Neither does the public. Hell.....who blames them? I took Tony's parents away. I took many families away. I turned a lot of wives into widows. Oprhaned a lot of children.

Rogers: Buck, that wasn't really you.

Bucky put his tools down and takes a good look at his metal arm, for it was finished

Rogers: Bucky...I think we need another set of hands on this journey. We have another fugitive to capture.

Bucky: *Looks at him* I'm listening.

All of a sudden, there was an explosion rocks the building as they both fly back when the dust cleared they looked over and see none other than.....Nightcrawler!!

Only he wasn't himself; he was being controlled all know who

Kurt: Guten tag.

Bucky: Guess I spoke too soon.

The controlled Nightcrawler attacked them, only to get grabbed by Bucky. Bucky tries to hold him back, but Kurt teleported out of his grib after grabbing him, Rogers took out his shield and threw it at him but Kurt teleported again to dodge it and swung Caps away with his tail

Bucky took his gun and pointed at Kurt, but he kicked it out of his hands then grabbed him and teleported him out of there

Rogers: BUCK!!!!

We cut back to Carrie where went off to the streets, in hopes she could find more information on where Azazel's hideout, in order to find Xavier

She came into a western bar where western music was playing and people playing pool, drinking and eating. Some people looked over at Carrie as she passed by the perverted ones smirking at her. But what she saw at the bar table made her gasp

Bartender (Stan Lee): The usual Logan?

Logan (Hugh Jackman): Yeah.

Bartender: *Pours him wine* Another rough day?

Logan: Could say that. Since Carrie and the Professor.....*Sighs* The others, well.....didn't feel comfterble around Kayla.

Bartender: Harsh.

Logan: Yeah....Scott's just....

Carrie: Logan??

He turned his head around and dropped his drink.

Logan: The he--Carrie??

Carrie just stood there and stared at him, growing a smile as Logan stared at her in shock

Logan: *To the Bartender* Put this on my tab.

He then walked over and Carrie smiled, giving him a tight hug. Logan was stunned at first but softly hugged her back

Logan: I thought you were gone, kid. We saw the castle fall on you.

Carrie: Not really. Thor saved my life. He pulled me out the last minute before the castle could crush me. What happened to Chris.....I'm not sure.

Logan: Nor me. But where have you been all this time?

Carrie: Asgard. Thor brought me there to treat my injuries from the fight with Chris. The bifrost was acting up for awhile, so it took time to repair. That's what kept me so long to come back home.

Logan: That does explain everything.

Carrie: Where are the others?

Logan: Rebuilding the mansion. Kayla and I had know, get out cause Scott was pointing fingers too much. And....Kurt left.

Carrie: What??

Logan: When we thought you died, Kurt was devestated. He couldn't stay anymore. 

Carrie: My poor Kurt. We have to find him and the Professor.

Logan: You heard he's missing?

Carrie: And about the other telekinetic. I heard from the Avengers. We should get back to Mr. Stark.

Logan: That son of a b**ch?

Carrie: Hey, watch it. I know he's obnoxious, but at least he cares. He...knows what we need to do.

Logan: Word of advice, kid: Next time you inject your trust in someone and they break it, don't be afraid to drop them like yesterdays sh**.

Carrie: *Looks at him deep* Alright, l--I got it. Now let's go.

Logan: Wait. There's something we have to do first.

Carrie: What?

Later Logan and Carrie hop on his motorcycle and ride off but he caught a scent he haven't caught since.... (X-Men: Carrie)

Carrie: What?

Logan: *Hands her a helmet* Just get on the bike.

She puts it on and they both got on then rode off but little did they know they were being watched by an unknown figure then a man walks by thinking something was wrong

Man: Hey man you ok?

Unknown: Piss off, pal.

As he walked off leaving the man confused, he took off his hat and sun glasses revealing to be....Victor Creed (Sabertooth) (Liev Schreiber)

Victor: *Chuckles*

Meanwhile, back at HQ, both Bruce Banner and Scott Lang came into the main hall at the same time.

Bruce: Scott Lang. So you're not on the brightest of terms either, huh?

Scott: Not as ugly as yours....uh....sir. 

Bruce: So...what's your specialty?

Scott: Me? I'm Ant-Man.

Bruce: Hmm?

Scott: I know.....It wasn't my idea.  (Lol)

Bruce: Doesn't matter.

Then suddenly Fury and Hill came in, startling both of them.

Fury: Banner.

Hill: Lang.

Scott: Uhh...hey.

Hill: Been too long.

Scott: Well, I have been a fugitive.

Hill: So I heard.

Fury: All the more reason Banner has your knowledge. Get anything on Detmer's abilities?

Bruce: W--what I know so far is that he didn't get them like Carrie and Rachel did. He wasn't mutated either. Scientifically speaking, he....had a transufion at that cave he was in. Giving him abilities like Carrie and Rach. But his powers are really from alien technology.

Hill: Think it has something to do with the meteor shower last month?

Bruce: Not exactly. This took place about a year before Carrie's episode in Chamberlain. His stress could've possibly helped the radiation trigger his abilities like it would for any mutation. It could've been linked to the same radiation that triggered.....the other guy. I was never told where it was from. 

Fury: And the mutant Azazel?

Bruce: Never heard of him.

Hill: How brilliant.

We cut back to Azazel's fortress where Xavier tried to reason with Andrew Xavier: know there's a place for you at my school. Whatever Azazel has convinced you you must not let him win.

Andrew: Spare me your pity. Like I had any in my life time. You have no idea what they done to me. Like you could find out right now.

Xavier: Maybe....but Andrew....there is a student at my school that could relate to everything you went through. She was bullied and abused too and....she carries the same mt of abilities as you do. She could understand you.

Andrew: Like I need her pity too.

Azazel: *Walks in* Sorry to intrude. But I figured you all like to meet the newest recruits to our team.

Kurt walked in still under Azazel's control

Xavier: Kurt?!?! My god....Azazel what have you done to your own son?!

Azazel: My son understands his place now. Thanks to my science and......magic.

Xavier: Controlling your son's will makes you more of a monster than you fear since--

Azazel: ENOUGH! Andrew. There is a helicopter waiting to take you to Sanfrit Cisco. Go have some fun.

Andrew: *Smirks and looks at Xavier* Goodbye Professor. *Leaves*

Xavier: ANDREW!!! NO!!!!

Azazel: Save your breath Charles. I'd like you to meet our 2nd new recruit.

They brought in Bucky strained to a stretcher then they gave Azazel...."The book"  (Yep)

Azazel: Longing. Rusted. Seventeen. Daybreak. Furnance. Nine. Begin. Homecoming. One. Freight car.

Bucky became stationary and he just gave him a blank look the very thing he tried to avoid....came back to wipe him of everything....execpt for the purpose to do one thing: SEARCH AND DESTROY.

Bucky: Ready to comply...

Azazel: Mission report....December 6th....1991....

Bucky once again gave him the blank look and just walked out of the room

Back at HQ, Bruce was using his do-dads along with Stark to see if that mysterous symbiote that fell into New York could possibly relate to this event

Tony:.....Uh.......fabricated to say the least. picking your own...symbol know.

Bruce: No Tony. Sadly I don't. I don't think it's even worth the effort, really. From what I know this shouldn't even be here to begin with. This almost god-like.

Tony: You mean reindeer games?

Bruce: Meaning?

Tony: Loki.

Banner takes his glasses off giving Stark a serious look

Bruce: So you think that..... for some reason......Loki sent that meteor shower as a warning shot?

Tony: *Chuckles* I'm saying....he's probably not done with us.

Thor: *From behind* Loki IS done.

They both turn to him

Thor: Loki came to me in Asgard before Carrie and I came back to Earth.  He said he was done trying to rule as king. Since our mother's murder at the hands of Malikith he's been different. Loki changed and he left.

Tony: And you believe him?

Thor: He's my brother.

Bruce: Yeah but no offence but you your bro was always one with tricks.

Thor: I KNOW my brother.

Vision (Paul Bettany): *Comes in* If he is what you say is true. Then we will respect your trust for him.

Tony: Would you even say that if you were still Jarvis?

Vision: Of course sir.

Friday: Sir. A priority alert in San Francisco.

Tony: Get me a visual.

A screen pops up revealing Andrew attacking the city people running in panic

Tony: Ooooh I think that's our boy.

Thor: Then suit up.

Vision: I'll moniter with Banner, Mr. Stark.

Tony: Thanks Jer---Vision.

They later took off on their Avenger Jet

Back with Carrie and Wolverine, they rode on on his motorcycle passing a sign saying: "Welcome to San Francisco".

Carrie: Can you tell me why we're coming here? And not back to Mr. Stark?

Logan: Let's just say I know a certian someone who....might get ahold of---

Carrie: Whoa whoa whoa, Logan. Stop the bike!

He did and they both saw all the flames and carnage

Logan: The hell is all this?

Carrie: *Looks and see's a destroyed truck container* Trouble!

Without thinking, Logan suddenly pulled Carrie down and jumped

Logan: GET DOWN!!

A falling firery car falls on the bike and crashes it. Carrie soon looked ahead of them to see a shadowy figure in the fire and the smoke warned Logan.

Carrie: Logan? Logan. Logan!

Logan: Quiet, ok? I'm trying to see if--

Carrie: *Pulls his face to show him* Oh my---PAY ATTENTION! Look!

Soon as she pointed over, the smoke cleared up and the figure walks through the smoke, revealing to be Andrew Detmer himself.....staring both of them with death in his eyes.

Logan: Oh god.....damn it.

Carrie: *Quietly* It's you...

Andrew: *Distantly* I see....

Carrie and Andrew approached each other frowing at one another clutching their fists. Carrie, however, saw civilians running into buildings

Carrie: Get inside. It's not safe.

Logan was about to follow Carrie till he was pounced on by.....

Logan: VICTOR!!!

Victor: Jimmy, boy. Missed me, little bro? Cause I sure as hell missed you.

He growled and they tackled each other on he ground, once again like old times.

Cutting back to Carrie and Andrew....

Carrie: I know who you are.

Andrew: As I know who you are. I guess we're able to sense each other too. Cut from the same cloth I suppose?

Carrie: Not remotely.

Andrew: Shame.....Xavier even said there was another like me.

Carrie: *Gasps* You have the Professor?!

Andrew: friend has him, along with a metal arm guy and a blue fury demonic boy.

Carrie: Kurt...?? Where. Is. He?!

Andrew: I can take you there if you like.

Carrie: Before you do.....I'mma beat the hell out of you.

(Yep! She said it!)

They both used full force of their powers against each other bashing through walls and crashing on streets

Soon,the Avenger jet flew above the city and they saw a glimpse of the fight over the radar.

Tony: Thor?

Thor: Going down.

He opened the hatch and swung his hammer flying down

He immediately flew down to the surface and crash landed resulting a shockwave, yet no one was effected by it. The first thing he saw was Victor trying to beat down Logan, but Logan pierced him AGAIN, causing him to get off him

Victor: Ahhh!!! get better and better, Jimmy. Each and every time we see each other. It seems I taught you well.

He was about to attack again 'till Thor grabbed him from behind and tossed him aside knocking him out. Logan, however, looked at him confused.......VERY confused.

Thor: You. Come with me.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Andrew were dead even in battle and it didn't look like there was gonna be a clear winner.....until Andrew's eyes turned full black and ended up flying with Carrie, dragging her face into the pavement. But she threw him off her.

When Andrew recovered, he stomped his foot down causing the ground to crack. But knowing what he was doing, Carrie did the same thing (from the remake) and it resulted in a colossal explosion of ruble.

Both of them breathed heavily.

Carrie: One chance, Andrew. End this and tell me where they are and you can walk away.

Andrew: I'll end ENDING YOU!

He was about to attack again 'till Thor threw the Mjolnir and it clocks him straight across the face and knocks him out, sending him flying. He eventually crashes into a wall and falls onto the sidewalk.

Carrie then spinned her head around to him

Thor: You looked even out.

Carrie: He has Kurt.

Thor: We'll get him back.

Meanwhile, while that was happening, a sniper sight was focusing on Carrie and Thor by.....Bucky! He was still in his trance as the winter solder and was about to pull the trigger when when.....


He looked over at him with a blanked face as Caps tried to reason with him

Captian America: Buck, this is not you anymore. Remember?

Without hesitation, Buck took his machine gun and fired, but Rogers blocked the bullets with his shield. The shots startled Carrie and she looked over to see it. She then turned to Thor and....chose a risky method of attack.

Carrie: Thor, give me your hammer.

Thor: What?? Are you ser-- I would if I could but---I don't know if you can lift it.

Carrie: I have to try.

Thor still wasn't sure but he gave it to her anyway but then.....

She DID lift it (Really really)

Thor was stunned and Carrie lifted the Mjonir with her powers and launched it at Bucky, knocking him out cold.

Logan: What in the--

Carrie: I'll explain later.

Rogers stood on the roof, staring down over Buck and the hammer and then he looked down at the others

Captian America: Carrie. Thor.

Both (Carrie, Thor): Cap'n.

Later at the hellicarrier in which they brought the knocked out Andrew Bucky and Victor on board with them and Logan decided to tag along

Fury: Ok....that's three down and accounted for.....unfortunately. What about Mystique? 

Hill: I don't think that's required. All though she has yet to spill any other important info on the Professor.

Logan: I'll see to that myself.

They both looked over at him noticing the anger in his eyes

Hill: In that case you should take Banner to keep you in check.

Logan: Banner....? As in the green oaf?

Bruce: *'Appears behind himm* Don't worry. If I wasn't a tough guy mentally I wouldn't be here.

Logan: Why exactly are you here bub?

Bruce: Mainly the same reason you are. I want to help find the Professor.

Logan: Did he welcome you to the X-men?

Bruce: Who doesn't he welcome? I'm just more of a loner than you.

Logan: I wouldn't have a popularity contest bub.

Carrie: Mystique said Azazel has the Professor locked away on some island in the middle of an ocean. And maybe that's where Kurt is to.

Rogers: Only she didn't give us the coordinates.

Banner: I don't think we should be focusing on Azazel just yet. Whatever he has planned for that Detmer kid it's--not really a day at the spa for anyone. 

They all turned to Banner as HE turned to Carrie

Bruce: Carrie? Try to imagine your relapse and your sister's relapse combiened together.

Carrie: *Thinks* Oh god.....Azazel's trying to finish what Magneto started. He means to start another war.

That thought also made something go through her mind she couldn't help but to bring it up.

Carrie: Rachel still in New York?

Bruce: Umm...yeah still with Peter. That's what Tony told me. Why?

Carrie: Good. I need a jet to get there and bring her here. Y'all need to deal with Andrew.

Thor: Hold up, Carrie. Romanoff and Barton aren't back yet.

Carrie: They took too long. No matter.

Scott: No matter? How is that--

Carrie: I'm gonna go there myself.

Logan: Whoa whoa whoa, hold on kid. If you go to New York, what's to happen to Kurt and the Professor?

Carrie: Logan....I want to find them, but Rachel is my sister. She's the only family I got left.

Tony: *Walks in* She's in good hands with Pete.

Logan: Oh it's you.

Tony: Trust me, I'm hardly happy to see some of you if it makes you feel better. Now like I said she's in good hands. You can trust Peter. He's stronger than he looks.

Carrie: I'm not worried about Pete. It's just...if Andrew is strong as Dr. Banner says...

Banner: There's more than one way to nautralize Andrew's abilities. His mind has to be cleared to be disarmed. The problem is....we need a telepathic for that.

Logan: Then we need the Professor. Which is why we need to find him first.

Rogers: Like I said, no coordinates.

Logan: Maybe Victor or your metal arm friend might know.

Rogers: They're both knocked out. So in a matter of speaking,we're not get any answers till they wake up.

Tony: Well, I hope HE doesn't.

Rogers: Are you kidding me? You're still mad at Buck after we just recently set that aside when we had to stop Rachel?

Tony: Excuse me, Mr. Big Shot, but what the hell did you expect out of me? You knew I wasn't gonna let that go.

Logan: Oh god....not again.

Banner: Carrie....I'd go to the other room before this gets ugly.

Logan: He's right, Carrie. Go on ahead. We'll handle this.

Carrie nodded and she backed up as Caps and Stark stood face to face....AGAIN (You all think those two would have learned by now I mean sheesh)

Rogers: Put the suit on and let's go a few rounds. Just remember I kicked YOUR ass last time.

Tony: Losers always win the rematches. Friday?

Banner: Carrie, GO!!

Carrie took Scott with her as Rogers kicked Tony towards a window as Friday assembled his suit and the Captian hit him with his shield, causing him to brake through the glass and fall through the window

Unfortunately, The Cap wasn't done yet. He took a running start and then he jumped out the window and accelerated in the air as Tony finished putting the suit on and immediately and flew back up and slammed Caps through the cell area

Carrie and Scott continued to run, but then she stopped and thought about something

Carrie: Wait.....Bucky.....

She then turns back around and runs into the cell hall

Scott: What the---hey! This isn't a raid here, alright?!

Carrie: Buck's our only hope to find the Professor and Kurt before we get to Rachel.

They came across Buck's cell and he was still out cold. Carrie used her powers to brake open the door and Scott picked Buck up

Scott: You sure about this? He did try to put a bullet in your head.

Carrie: He's Steve's friend. And he's not himself. If we find the Professor, he can snap him out of his trance. We just have to find that island. And possibly my sister.

Scott suited up in his Ant-man armor and he and Carrie with Buck came on a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet

Carrie: *Sets Buck in a seat and straps him in* You sure you know how to pilot this thing? 

Ant-man: How hard can it be?

They soon pulled out to the hatach of the hellicarrier and it opened and off they go 

Back with the fight Caps and Stark brawled all over the control room till Thor's hammer came flying in and knocked Iron man aside and flew across the room then Logan pinned Rogers to the wall pointing his claws at his face

Logan: Listen up bub. You guys better knock this sh** off. Cause we all know if I stepped in I'd kick both of your asses. Cause I'll HEAL from every blow you and tin man throw at me. 

Rogers: I'm trying to stand up for my friend.

Logan: And I'm trying to find mine. Look I get it wasn't really your pal that caused all that damage. We all got a dark side but the next time you and Iron ass settle it at the worst time I'm taking BOTH of you down. Cause this rival is just USELESS to the Avengers and it's really PISSING me off.

Rogers: *Sighs* You're right...I'm's just....

Logan: No more excuses. This STOPS now.

Thor stood between Iron man and Caps

Iron man: Stay out of this!

Thor: I know how you feel Stark. I know what it's like to loose a mother. But is it worth loosing another friend?

Iron man: He LIED to me about what he done. And he protects him like he's his little brother. 

Thor: And Loki is mine. Blooded or not he is still my brother. Loki had recently his ways and if this Buck had really meant to murder your parents he would have killed Rogers too. And he did try when he found him. When he had no control of himself. Like he did not then.

Iron man: You want to take his side? Fine! I'm done with this.

He stormed out leaving Thor speechless but as he strolled through the cell halls he noticed the door to Buck's cell was on the flour where Carrie left it and it was empty Tony's eyes under his mask grew more angry.....

Back with Carrie and Scott they flew across the ocean onward to New York or Azazel's hidden island

Ant-man: How's our passenger?

Carrie: Still out. Hopefully he'll stay that way till we find the Professor.

Soon the radar started beeping

Ant-man: Hold on. I think we got something. Carrie: Is it New York?

Ant-man: No too small. We'll have a look.

That's when they soon came across to.....

Azazel's island

Carrie: Wait....that's it!

Scott: What's it?

Carrie: Some how I know that's the island where the Professor and Kurt are hold up.

Scott: I guess you want to land there and find more trouble.

Carrie: To save the one I love. And my friend. Mr. Lang what would you do if your daughter was on that island.

That statement caused Scott to reconsider

Ant-man: In that case it's trouble I'm willing to get myself into. Hold on, we're going in.

Carrie: That's what I thought.

As they approached the island and put a cloaking shield over the jet and softly landed

Carrie threw on her "X-men" uniform and zipped it up as she came down the ramp of the jet fallowed by Ant-man

Ant-man: I strapped our friend tight case he awakes while we're gone.

Carrie: Good.

They soon had a good idea where the base was

Ant-man: Ok....

Carrie: Anyone here see's us we're dead. Is there a chance I could possibly....get down to your level?

Ant-man: Sorry but I don't keep spare suits.

Carrie: Great, that means it's a race to see who gets to the Professor and Kurt. Guess I'll go high. 

Ant-man: And I'll go low.

He shrinks

Ant-man: *High-Pitched voice* Eat my dust! (Lol!)

He made his way inside in a pipe

Carrie: Professor hold on. Kurt baby I'm coming.

Soon as they both bailed Buck popped opened in his eyes still in his trance and his metal arm tore off the restraining

(Uh oh)

Ant-man came into an air vent that lead him to one on a hallway wall where he overheard a phone conversation with Azazel

Azazel: The Avengers are just a wall blocking our real path. The X-men are our main priority. That's why we must get the boy back. He has said to be stronger than the other two. Charles Xavier is my key to reach his mutant sqaud. Never mind that. Everything will proceed as planned. Find the boy! We must not loose him. 

Ant-man: Uh oh. Not good.

We cut Carrie where she snuck in another hall she soon ducked behind a wall when she saw...

Kurt. Walking in another room

Carrie: *Whispers* Kurt??

She fallowed him quietly but he was gone when she walked in

Carrie: *Whispers* Kurt? Kurt.

Suddenly....another door opened by itself and.....the winter solder stared straight at her 

Carrie: Bu--bu--Bucky??

He said nothing

Carrie: Bucky, it's me Carrie. We worked together once. Ik we hardly spoke but....listen think of your friend Steve.

He approached her forcing Carrie to run he immediately chased after her and as you ALL would expect made LOTS OF NOISE

Buck fired a few rounds at Carrie but she evade the bullets with her powers but one of the bullets hit the vents startling the wee Ant-man

Ant-man: Oh much friendly competition.

While those events were taking place Azazel was tending to himself he the noises from the monitors but then.....he grinned

Azazel: She's here....Son....

He slowly turns to Kurt still under his trance

Azazel: Do your old man a favor and show our guests what happens when they......refuse the progress of evolution. Dispose of HER and we will rule this planet together. 

Kurt then teleported

Carrie kept running but Buck had a lock  on her but just befor he could pull the trigger Ant-man grew back into normal size and knocked the gun out of his hands

Ant-man: Hey listen I like you man. So sorry if you get a headache. 

He shrunked again on his metal arm ran up to his head then threw a blow on is side jaw knocking him out

Carrie: *Comes back* And I thought it was Logan who had a since of timing.

Ant-man: Hey listen that Azazel guy is planning to set us all up. He's really--

Before he could finish Carrie gasped as she saw Nightcrawler jumping at him hissing she knocked Scott out of the way and pushed Kurt back with her powers

Carrie: Go! I'll take care of him.

Ant-man: So much for deep briefing.

As Ant-man ran Carrie looked around and Kurt was no where to be found....again

Carrie: Kurt?

He then came out of no where and attacked again but Carrie held him back with force

Carrie: Kurt, it's me! Carrie!

He didn't resond and kept trying to come at her

Carrie: I'm sorry baby.

She used dull force pushing him back bursting through walls and landing in the facility where the Professor was trapped in

Xavier: Kurt? Kurt!

Carrie came in and saw him

Carrie: Professor?!

Xavier: *Looks over* Carrie!

Carrie: *Runs to him* Hold on I'll get you out.

She pulled the seal off with her telekinesis it took minutes but she managed

Carrie: *Lifts him up* Ik Ik you thought I was dead.

Xavier: Actually Carrie I didn't know. Raven adducted me before the clones attacked.

They went up to Kurt who was knocked out

Carrie: Can you help him?

Xavier: Yes. Just get me close.

Carrie: He's not the only one. Buck--

Xavier: I know I saw him. We'll help him too.

Xavier tapped down on to Nightcrawler's forehead and then tapped into his head wiping out Azazel's control over him

Kurt: *Gasps and wakes up* The--weight of all---that is....NO. I---feel strange. Used. Liberated.

He then turns up and see's Carrie and the Professor looking at him

Kurt: Professor? CARRIE?!

Carrie: *Smiles* I'm here.

Kurt had to pull himself closer to her and feel the wormth on her face for him to realize she was still alive and not dreaming and as soon as he learned it was real Kurt embraced his true love in a tight hug

Kurt: Oh thank the Lord. I thought you were dead.

Carrie: I know. I'm getting it alot.

Kurt: I missed you so much babe.

Carrie: And I missed you too.

Kurt: Where were you all this all this time?

Carrie: It's a long story, baby. I don't even know where to start. But I just knew I had to find you. *Hugs him again* I love you Kurt.

Kurt: And I love you.

Ant-man: *High pitched voice* HEY!

They all looked around to find where that came from then were startled by Ant-man growing back in normal size then took off his helmet

Ant-man: *Smirks* Looks like you beat me.

Carrie: *Chuckles* I guess so....

Meanwhile out in the halls Bucky was struggling to get up.....his trance was broken from the punch Ant-man gave him it was hard enough to snap him out of it but felt his jaw in pain

Bucky: Ow! Hey...who busted me in the jaw?

He looked around wondering where he was

Bucky: Where the hell am I?

Iron man: *From behind* Right where I want ya.

He turned over seeing Iron man appearing out of no where pointing his blaster gloves at him

Bucky: Whoa whoa Stark please.

Iron man: There's no talking yourself out of this. And Capt to cover your ass this time.

Bucky: I'm not standing up for myself, or for his. Yes. What happen to your family was MY fault. What I done to you I can never take back. I don't even trust myself.

Iron man: I'm listening.

Bucky: Idk what they done to me at the war. They put something in my head to make me do their dirty work. All it takes is some weird chant and then.....I'm not me anymore. I become the REAL monster that murdered your parents.

Iron man: Not. Making it. Better.

Bucky: The point is....I'm not what I took from you was right, it was my fault. And I am. Truly. Sorry. 

Iron man: And why should I forgive you?

Bucky: I'm not asking for your forgiveness. I'm telling you why they were killed. What I really want to ask you vengeance.....worth taking? Especially with everything you stand for? What your FATHER standed for? 

Stark took a long time through everything that him and his parents went through and traces him back to the night it all went wrong. 

Tony: *Sighs* Son of a b**ch.

He slowly putted his hands down

Bucky: I am aware of what I put you through.....but--

Tony: Spare me the BS. You want my help or not?

And so Buck fallowed Iron man through the halls in search for the others but it just so happens that Kurt teleported in front of them with Carrie Xavier and Ant-man

Carrie: Bucky?

Bucky: I'm back. Me, me this time.

Ant-man: Whoo...what a relief.

Xavier: Mr. Stark.

Iron man: Professor.

Carrie: We were just about to have the Professoer fix you. Mr. Stark are you---

Iron man: This alliance changes nothing between us. It's just a temperary truce.

Ant-man: Figures.

Suddenly they all see an elevator dinging

Xavier: An army is coming. We won't have a chance.

Carrie: Kurt.

Kurt: Ok. Everyone grab hold of me.

As the the elevator doors opened Azazel fallowed by his army and Kurt made a short eye contact then.....

They teleported

Azazel: Rrrrrr........

Man: Sir. Should we.....?

Azazel: Let them go. For now.

They ended up back at the jet

Tony: Everyone get buckled in.

Carrie and Kurt carried the Professor on board as Scott and and Bucky readied the opperating systems

Xavier: *Closes his eyes* Kurt. Carrie. We need to get to the hellicarrier.

Carrie: We were heading there anyway. But I got to go get my sister.

Xavier: We will. But Logan's in trouble.

Carr gasped softly as Stark approached the pilot seat

Stark: Move over I'm driving!

Buck: I wasn't planning to.

As soon as they took off Carrie and Kurt made eye contact and hugged each other since it's been a month since they saw each other.

Back at the hellicarrier Andrew was still out cold till.....

His eyes popped opened completly BLACK He released himself from the cell with his powers and Sabretooth but left him lying on the flour and proceeded the halls taking out military personal in his way and the alarm went off

P.A.: Attention: We have Andrew Detmer on research level 2. Level's 3 and 4 are dark.

Thor: Valela have mercy.

Banner put down his laptop, just leaned back abit.....and asked a eerily familiar question

Bruce: Is this a---*Clears throat* Code green?

Thor: No.

Logan: Yes.

Bruce: Make up your minds, guys.

Thor: Are you crazy?

Logan: We're talking about a kid, that can that can turn people inside out with a blink of an eye. If he's stronger than Carrie *To Banner* Yeah it's a code green.

Thor: We don't have Natasha here to calm him down.

Logan: You got a better idea bub?

Victor: *From above* I got one.

They all looked up and Victor jumped down roaring grabbing Logan and they both fell down the stairs then Thor and Bruce looked at each other

Thor: Code green.

Then Banner nodded and grew angry then changed into the Hulk

As Andrew made his way through the hellicarrier he released every prisoner to slow the guards down then later came across a large window with a view of where it was heading....


Andrew smirked then....he took control of the carrier with his powers (Yes, really) and it headed straight down for Chamberlain

Logan and Sabertooth kept slashing at each other but healed from healed from every scratch

Victor: Come on, Jimmy. We've been doing this for year, and not one of us has killed the other.

Logan: Oh believe me, Creed. I'm getting close to that than you think.

Suddenly, the Hulk came running down and punched Victor out another window; then Logan looked up to the Hulk and there was a brief moment of silence till.....

Logan: Steady boy.

Hulk: *Growles softly*

And then....Andrew targeted the hellicarrier to where.....(Well....)

To where Ms Rita Desjardin lives

Thor saw where it was heading, so he flew out towards the neighborhood and everyone there ran for the hills as it came closer. Thor then saw Desjardin (Judy Greer) pulling up to her house with groceries and didn't notice the hellicarrier was coming down. So he had to act fast.

Without heisitation, he flew towards her and grabbed her just before the hellicarrier came CRASHING down.

Ms. Desjardin: Ahhh!! Oh my god! *Looks at Thor and is stunned*

Thor: It's alright miss. You're safe.

Desjardin: I--*Blushes* (Ik Lol) Th-thanks.

Then later the jet Carrie Kurt Xavier Stark Bucky and Ant-man landed beside them Carrie and Kurt carrying the Professor were the first to come out she and made eye contact with Desjardin

Carrie: Ms. Desjardin!

Desjardin: Carrie?! Carrie!

Kurt: Go. I got him.

They ran towards each other and embraced a hug

Desjardin: Where have you been? I haven't heard from you in almost a year.

Carrie: I've just....been busy.

Suddenly the wrecked hellicarrier's front BURST opened. They all turned away when it blew, but they soon turned back to see Andrew step out of the smoke.

Andrew: *To Carrie* YOU!!

As he saw Carrie accompnied by Ms. Desjardin, he slowly walked towards her

Carrie: Get behind me!

Desjardin: *Runs behind Carrie* Who is that?

Carrie: Don't worry....just leave him to me.

Carrie slowly approached Andrew as well as the weight of their powers caused the ground to shake repeatedly. Andrew was about to make the first move but Carrie slowly socked him down

Carrie: You brought my friends into this?!

She headbutts him and throws him to Thor's direction where again he clocks him with Mjnior.

Then he picked him up and threw him back to Carrie

Carrie: Get up. Come on....

She then drags him to a nearby convience store but at the last second Andrew picked her up and threw HER across the store

Thor: CARRIE! I have to go help her.

Desjardin: You're--very brave.

Thor nodded and flew as the others came out of the jet Bucky helped Kurt carry the Professor

Bucky: Let me give you a hand, son.

Xavier: Get me to Andrew. I'm the only one who can stop him. You got to get me close to him so I can clear his head

Both Kurt and Buck nodded.

Wolverine and Hulk burst out from the roof of the wrecked hellicarrier

Logan: Give me sh** of the week.

Hulk: *Hmph*

Another jet soon landed and Capetian America and the other Avengers arrived including Romanoff and Hawkeye who had just returned from New York (After delivering Morbius and Shriek to S.H.I.E.L.D. in Spider-man: Right Hand of Power)

Iron man: Friday? Send in Vorinca. 

Friday confermed his command and a "Stark" satalite to send in his mega suit (From age of Ultron) and was slapped on to him 

Back with Carrie and Andrew they were still brawling in the store and once again put so much force in their punches causing massive waves in the ground and the others could feel it from where they were

Logan: What the hell are they doing?!

Iron man (Hulkbuster): Taking a chip off the old block, I suppose....

Logan: Do you ever listen any of the bullsh** that comes out of your mouth, bub?

Iron man: What's the word I'm looking for no.

Vision: Gentlemen, this is hardly the time to rant on.

Logan: Whatever! Let's just MOVE!!

They all proceeded to where the fight was

Back inside Carrie struggled to get back on her feet but that's when Andrew grabbed her from behind and tried to choke her out

Andrew: Charles....said you would understand my pain. What a freaking joke! I spent my entire life in darkness and no one gave a damn about me! But unforntunately for you, you'll be the first to see what I felt like.

Carrie: have power alright....*Grunts*'re not using your BRAIN power. 

Her eyes went black again and she slowly got up and flew out the building and ends up crasing into a ring post with Andrew in it

Bucky: The hell?

Ant-man and Kurt (Both): CARRIE!!!

Nightcrawler left Xavier with Buck and he and Aunt-man ran towards the fight Nightcrawler hissed as he attacked but Andrew pushed him back with force but Ant-man shrunck down on to his arm and ran up to him giving him a swift uppercut knocking him down then dragged Andrew away from Carrie

Kurt held her up to his lap as she opened her eyes

Kurt: Don't die on me again. I just got you back.

Carrie: I'm not going anywhere.

They kissed passionately then Ant-man grew normal size again

Ant-man: You know kid. The team could really use--

Just before he finished Andrew gave him a Darth Vader choke from behind and threw him aside

Bucky carried Xavier clos to Andrew from behind and the Avengers finally managed to catch up

Logan: This boy's too powerful even for you Carrie.

Carrie: I know but I got to try.

Capetian America: You still gonna chew my head off after this is over?

Iron man: Depending if we survive.

Thor: I could possibly were him down.

Vision: Maybe that would be Banner's job.

Hulk: Hmph.

Romanoff: As if that Shriek lady and that Goblin maniac wasn't bad enough.

Hawkeye: Let's just think of it as a danger zone.

Logan: You don't know what danger zone is bub.

As then all the Avengers stood in a combed postion like in Batman v. Superman with the fight with Doomsday scene as the camera zooms at them 

One by one they all took their shots at Andrew just when Andrew recovered

Ant-man: Talk about an attidude adjustment...

He shrunk again and continued to paint brush Andrew with punches then jumped off then Logan yelled and prieced Andrew with his claws he yelled in pain

Logan: Don't. Attack. My friends.....

Andrew forced him aside, but Logan was caught by.....Sabertooth

Logan: Victor?!?

Victor: Like I said years one kills you but me.

They step away as Andrew's gaze was darken glew purple again then Carrie looked down then turned to the big guy

Carrie: Hulk?

He growled softly while turning to her

Carrie: Smash.

Hulk smirked and picked Andrew up from behind and smashed him around like he did Loki

Hulk: Puny telekinetic.


But it was not over yet Andrew still refused to stay down

Andrew: No...o-one....c-c--can be worthy....t-to challenge the almighty--

Before he had a chance to finish something blasted at him which destroyed Thano's influence and power from him and fell knocked out

They all turned to see......LOKI!!!

With a new scepter resembling his old one since it was destroyed by Ultron for he was the one that stopped Andrew

Iron man: You got to be kidding.....

Thor: Loki....

Loki: Come now I didn't kill him. Just drained the dark energy and half his rage from him.

Caps and Iron man readied to fire but Thor stood between them

Thor: NO! He saved us all!

Capetian America: Doesn't change what he did in the past.

Bucky: *From behind* Nor what I done Steve?

They all looked to see him carry the professor

Bucky: Why forgive me if you won't forgive him.

Capetian America: Buck...h-he....

Bucky: He what?! What difference do I have with him? I took lives just as much as he did.

Capetian America: You had no control of yourself. He did. You didn't had a choice. He chose to slaughter!

Loki: I never actually had a choice in my life. Not from my father not from anyone.

Thor: Loki we really appreciate it what you done for us.

Caps: Speak for yourself.

Bucky: Come on Steve.

Rogers sighed as Xavier went down to Andrew to clear more of his mind and soon Carrie and Kurt recoverd from the fight and they all saw him.

Carrie: Loki....

Loki: I am not your enemy Miss White. *To the others* Nor to any of you.

Hawkeye: Then who is? Did you forget what you did to me?

Loki: I assure you, I find it hard to forget. But the real threat is adamant.

Black Widow: I don't fully understand. What are you trying to say?

Loki then turned away looking up to the constellations

Loki: His THANOS.

The Avengers including Carrie all stood there peterfied of what they heard where we soon zoom out to the sky then to space where Thanos himself was was charging up his gauntlets

Thanos (Josh Brolin): Perfection.....

He then slams the gauntlet as it wipes out everything in front of him and invades the screen in a bright light and......

(End credits)

Post-Credit ScenesEdit

At Xavier's school for gifted youngsters, Agent Ross was talking with Cyclops (James Marsoen) and Storm (Halle Berry) about a contract he wanted them to sign

Storm: You want us to sign this, so S.H.I.E.L.D. can have full control over us?! We're not puppets.

Ross: We're not trying to control you. We want to give you your full authority from Nick Fury himself.

Storm: And why does HE want to help us?

Ross: Because we're all on the brink of war here. After what we learned who's pulling the strings we want to gain your trust by giving you this oppertunity.

Storm: We try to stay out of politics.

Ross: I can assure you politics had nothing to do with this

Scott: *Without hesitation* Sign it.

They both looked at him.

Scott: We are at war. And we need to be ready for it or everything we stand for we'll die.

Storm sighed softly but then she......SIGNED it.

(Credits continue)

(Post credit scene # 2)

We cut back to Azazel's fortress where he was sitting in his office, smirking.....about something.....

Azazel: We've lost the boy. My son remains with the professor. And the girl. However....nothing really has been a total loss. For I never expected Andrew to destroy the Avengers. Just to draw them away. Now....the REAL plan.....begins.

We zoom at close to three enchated cubes on his desk as we hear Azazel's sinister laugh

(Cuts out)

(Thanks for Reading)


More coming soon....


  • Avengers: Fever of Rage

  • X-C 2: Rise Of Sinister

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