Avisto is the High Inquisitor of The Zodiac in all three games. Although nobody ever refers to him as Avisto in-game, however in the novel adaptations and the guide book he is often referred to by his real name. In the second game, he is known as 'Inquisitor', and in the third, they call him Inquisitor as well as 'Truth Seeker' or 'Seeker'.

Spin has announced a game revolving specifically around him in the near future, after the two TAZ games and Arena are released.

Total Assault

Avisto mainly remained in his research vessel above the Haven, monitoring the battle from above. When all seemed lost he took all the ships in his command and retreated.

Total Assault 2

In Total Assault 2 Avisto was going to be executed for his failure but Kluutak saved him. Avisto then worked as a personal apprentice to Kluutak, working to uncover what The Fiends were planning to do. He eventually found out that Ragnarok, the Fiend Deity, was conversing and planning on capturing a Human known as Ivy or so he thought. Avisto then felt an impulse to save Ivy from Ragnarok, knowing what the Fiends themselves were capable of. He was then knocked out along with Ivy and taken to Kluutak personally. Kluutak was angry at Avisto for fraternizing with the Human and told him he should have him hanged for such atrocities. He then gave Avisto a second chance, to stop the Fiends, little did Avisto know this would cause The Great Divide.

Avisto then lead his troops and was then assisted by Drones who told Avisto that Kluutak was planning on using Ivy as a product for a super weapon. Avisto then told Kluutak that he no longer wanted anything to do with him and so Avisto started a rebellion, whereas Kluutak was left with command of The Spindle Shrine and little else. After it destruction and killing Ragnarok, Avisto joined forces with the humans.

Total Assault 3

In the third game Avisto acts as the Military leader of the Zodiac Peacemakers whom have joined forces with the Humans. He also assists Davian and the others during the battle of Atlantis, and even escapes with them. After learning of the death of Kluutak, Avisto, after the war, is promoted to Purist Deity in replacement of Kluutak.

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