Azrael in cloak
Real Name Azrael Alucard Xcalibur
Height 6'0"
Weight Unknown
Resides Earth


Origin Earth
First Appearance Ultimo X V
Species Human
Allies Ultimo X


Ultimo A


Bell & Chance

Enemies Bithrian Kingdom
Weapons Sycthe
Fighting Styles Unknown
Alignment Good & Evil

Azrael is Ultimo X and Christina's second born son. He is sometimes described as the Angel of Death.


Azrael was born during the events of Ultimo X IV. Azrael came only a day before Ultimo A's birth. Azrael has so much darkness in him only because he was born when Christina had transformed into a demon. Azrael wields a scythe like Ultimo X does. He either wears a black cloak (for dark) or a white cloak (for light). Azrael is so far in second place behind Ultimo X with causing the most deaths of any of the Xcalibur family.


  • Azrael has all the same abilities as Ultimo X does when wielding a scythe.
  • Azrael can summon spirits and command them to attack.
  • Azrael can also become a type of spirit himeself he likes to call "living-ghost".
  • Can tear holes in the air and make it so he could go anywhere he wants.
  • Has certain magic attacks where he could turn people into stone, put them on fire, and drown them by putting a bubble of water on his opponents head.
Azrael's Sycthe

Azrael's Sycthe

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