Full Name Michael Lane
Other Names Azrael
Age 38 (SW)

40 (RH)

Relatives  ?
Occupation Vigilante
Nationality Canadian
Voice Actor Khary Payton (SW)

Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese

Azrael is an antagonist in Batman: Shadow War. He was part of the iniative to create "the ultimate crimefighter" however, this turned Azrael ultimately into a murderer no better than those his fighting against and is even willing to kill Batman to "replace" him as a "better hero".



There was the existence of the Order of Saint Dumas and their use of Azrael, an assassin who wore mystical armor. Azrael watched Batman fight crime throughout Gotham City and that he has refused to kill his enemies and the criminals of the city multiple times especially the Joker. Due to this, the Order wished for Azrael to "replace" Batman as the "protector" of the city by initiating his mission to kill the most dangerous super criminals in Gotham City and eliminate Batman.

Mission to Eradicate CrimeEdit

Azrael began his mission and captured every major super criminal and crime lord he could find while slaughtering their henchmen. After capturing most of his victims, Joker was left out, so Azrael infiltrated his hideout and took out his henchmen, and managed to restrain the crazed clown; tying him up and Azrael then fought Batman. After an intense battle, Batman and Azrael fell through a window ceiling with Batman ending up knocked out, Azrael then left with a kidnapped Joker.

With all his targets captured, Azrael revealed his plan to kill them all with a device the Order created capable of killing all of his victims at the same time by releasing supersonic energy however Azraels' armor protects him. Batman manages to locate the large prison and interrupts the execution; throwing an Explosive Batarang to destroy the device. Azrael, angered and feeling dishonored, attempts to kill Batman however Batman fights him in an intense one on one battle, the kidnapper then activates his cloaking device to try and ambush Batman, but the Dark Knight reveals his position with Goo Grenades, disarming him and then managed to badly damage his mask by punching him in the face.

The fight damages Azraels' device which releases his prisoners, with Azrael restrained with Bat-Cuffs, accepted his fate of death as the prisoners wished to kill him however Batman saved him by tying him to the Batwing. Azraels' prisoners were then defeated by Batman and Robin who used their teamwork to their advantage.

Return Edit


Azrael possesses a hatred towards criminals and has a desire to make the world a better place but this is often convoluted due to his feelings of regret and guilt. The methods of training to achieve such goals, however, have left Azrael rather unstable and often became too violent, seriously injuring or killing criminals, believing it is a more effective method of justice. However, he attempts to atone for his "sins" and usually addresses religion. This caused by the Order of the St. Dumas, which influenced his way of thinking with their religion.

Due to this manipulation, Azrael believes he is "God's Weapon" as the Order has him execute "sinners" and "enemies of God". Despite this, Azrael actually cares about the wellbeing of innocents but his sense of justice and right and wrong have become warped under the Order's influence as he views people who spare criminals deserve an equal level of righteous wrath. He truly believes it was his destiny to become Gotham City's protector and becomes impatient and angry if he feels that he is denied this. Azrael presents himself as mysterious and enigmatic, as well as being a strong believer in prophecies due to his corrupting influence. After becoming freed from the Order, Azrael still hates criminals however shows more restraint and also swears vengeance on the Order for what they did to him.

Abilities Edit

  • Peak Human Condition: Azrael, due to his intense training and experience, has reached peak heights in strength, agility, speed, durability, stamina and metabolism.
  • Master Martial Artist: Azrael is a master in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, having knowledge of weaknesses on a target's body so he can either incapacitate or eliminate his opponent as well as being capable of taking down multiple enemies at once.
  • Genius Level Intellect: Azrael is an extremely intelligent warrior, using brilliant tactics and strategy to plan out his missions. He is also adept in investigation, hunting, stealth and has a mechanical aptitude.
  • Master Swordsman: Azrael has mastered swordsmanship.
  • Expert Marksman: Azrael is extremely adept in marksmanship, capable of precisely hitting targets with his throwing stars and other weapons.
  • Intimidation: Azrael uses his talents and overall presence and appearance to command a very intimidating status. 

Equipment Edit

  • St. Dumas' Will: Azrael utilizes a powerful sword as his main weapon.
  • Grapnel Gun: Similar to Batman's Grapnel Gun.
  • Throwing Star: Throwing weapons that can be used for many things such as cutting, killing, etc.
  • Cloaking Device: A cloaking device has been added to Azrael's armor.
  • Pneutmatic Mangler: Similar to Batman's Pneutmatic Mangler.
  • Smoke Pellet: Similar to Batman's Smoke Pellet.
  • Mini Explosive: Miniature explosives to be either used in combat or to blow down structures.
  • Lasso: A lasso that can be thrown around the feet of a fleeing opponent.
  • Dart: Darts that can either tranquilize or kill targets.
  • Tear-Gas Pellet: Similar to Batman's Tear-Gas Pellet.
  • EMP Grenade: Similar to Batman's EMP Grenade.
  • Lightweight Rope: Light-weight, flexible rope.
  • Cryo Capsule: Similar to Batman's Cryo Capsule.
  • Tracking Device: Used as a tracking device used to locate targets.
  • Taser: Specialized tasers that can either incapacitate or kill targets.


  • "The moment is close. The truth will soon be shown."
  • "We have been watching you for a long time, Batman."
  • "I knew you would find me."
  • "Believe what you will. The message has been delivered. We will meet again."
  • "I thought myself the instrument of God, not the tool of Man."
  • "I do one's bidding but God's. The Order must answer for what they have done to me."

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