The B-Virus, or Blood Virus was a strain of virus that was manufactured by Dr. Jakob Silver and his associates at Silver Medications, a large medicine manufacturing company located in Washington. Originally thought to be contained and only infected upon a select few, in a violent tirade Dr. Silver unleashed large amounts of the Virus onto the general public, creating a nation wide pandemic, that grew international within weeks.


Background and creationEdit

Silver Medications was first opened in 2015, five years before the B-Virus was unleashed. Dr. Jakob Silver became its initial head of operations, but after government intervention a Review Committee was set up, headed by Frank Samson. Most of the research and experiments Silver and his team dabbled in were deemed unsatisfactory and not for the betterment of the company, and after experimenting with a new strain on several lab mice that caused them to maul a company executive, Silver was put on temporary leave to calm him down.

He returned in 2016 after a few months of leave, and in that time he had began to formulate a new strain that he continued to work on improve with his team at Silver Medications. Frank Samson tried to intervene but was unsuccessful, and a few weeks after Silver bought back the entire company, ousting Frank and the Review Committee. As part of his new project Silver recruited several human test subjects; namely Jonathan Oak, Christina Marquadt, Joseph Franklin, Gregory Nametiv, and another unnamed Caucasian man (Slayer). None of these people knew what they were signing up for, but Silver offered them a large sum of money for their participation. He tested a highly untamed and dangerous strain called the Progenitor Strain on the subjects, and detailed their results. Jonathan, Christina, and Joseph all died from the side-effects of the Strain, but both Gregory and the other survived. Gregory mutated into a vampire like creature and was destroyed by Silver, but the other man reached the same stage in mutation, but developed heightened abilities and a further immunity to the Strain, instead of mutating like Gregory.

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