The Babylon Team is a team of seven humans created to deal with affairs concerning the Kienerman Portal in the science fiction television series Galaxy Babylon. It consists of their leader Sergeant Leonard Jackson, the science officer Robert Jennings, the Zerdan warrior Gar'ann, the daughter of Hans Kienerman Elizabeth Kienerman, the recurring character Zai'Nara priestess Elona Vei Daein, the youngest member Daniel Hurt, and the recurring character Jennifer Smith.


  • Sergeant Leonard Jackson: Jackson previously worked with Hans Kienerman and leads the Babylon Team. He appears in every episode except the Season Four episode Flagship, when he stayed on Earth to give direct orders.
  • Robert Jennings: Jennings is a science officer in the Babylon Team. He is constantly called to second command by Jackson and comments he is no solider. For majority of the fifth season he is held captive by the Luzans.
  • Gar'ann: Gar'ann is a Zerdan warrior that is first seen in the episode Alliances. He is always concerned with affairs involving his race.
  • Elizabeth Kienerman: Daughter of the famous inventor of the Kienerman Portal, Liz has knowledge of her father's invention. In the episode Stranded she is able to repair it.
  • Elona Vei Daein: Elona is a Zai'Nara priestess who is skilled at healing. She is a recurring character.
  • Daniel Hurt: Daniel is Jackson's nephew, and the newest member to date. He first appears in the episode Retribution, when he stumbles upon the Portal.
  • Jennifer Smith: Jennifer is a recurring character in the team. She goes on some missions but usual stays at command.

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