Back To The Future IV and or Back To The Future Part IV is the fourth instalment of the acclaimed Back to the Future films which began with Robert Zemeckis' original fantasy action adventure classic in 1985

The fourth film due to original Marty McFly actor Michael J. Fox's Parkinsons' disease has been filled by Spin City actor friend Alexander Chaplin, Christopher Lloyd returns however as the maniacal genius Dr. Emmett Brown and features a new exciting cast of characters including Rebecca Wisocky as the evil Medieval Queen Morgana Le Fay, Rebecca Hall as the Marty McFly fiance Jane Delaware, Rupert Grint as Nox the Captain of the Guard whom is the evil queen's son and a later love interest for the Abigail Breslin character, Oded Fehr as the slave friend of Marty's Emilio Quartnez, Jodelle Ferland as the evil little twin Malice who brandishes a tommywacker, Abigail Breslin as the good little twin May who brandishes an enchanted shovel and Monica Belluci as the good dinosaur queen.

Dinosaur is Catter Tyrannosarus.

There is also Jack Nicholson playing a maniacal medieval scientist much like Doc Brown.

The film is written by series creator Robert Zemeckis and directed by newcomer Troy Nixey who made his directorial debut with the horror remake Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark produced by Guillermo Del Toro.


Marty McFly now lives in Manhattan with his workaholic fiance Jane and is living a stressful incomplete life.

Doctor Emmett Brown has been arrested ashis Delorean Time Travelling Device malfunctioned and the Mafia crime family of which he promised them the machine have planted evidence to in order to have him arrested.

Doctor Brown through the use of three brain scrambling mechanical mosquitoes sets a damaging electrical chip in Marty's Brain which will keep continuing to zap at him until he comes and breaks him out jail.

Marty eventually does on the night he was to enter an important job interview.

The Mafia family soon tails them at the same time Marty's fiance Jane does after she discovers he didn't show up for his job interview.

The Three end up inevitably in the Delorean and sky rocket into Medieval Times and into the castle town of an evil tyrannical queen.

Jane escapes the unfair time in the Delorean by herself and is skyrocketed into Prehistoric Times where she meets a human queen whom has control of all the dinosaurs.

The queen is revealed to be the banished sister of the Medieval Queen.

Doc Brown back in the Medieval time is thrown into the Scientist's Den a prison for crazed scientists where they are forced to build a large cloaking machine to hide the castle in case her banished sister ever makes it back to their time.

Marty however is thrown into the slaves and befriends a fellow slave named Emilio whom though is bizarre and almost insane is very helpful and has plans to free all the slaves.

However a Captain of the Guard whom is in love with the evil Queen's enslaved youngest daughter May and is forced to mistreat the slaves so that the queen may not mistreat May.

The Queen's oldest daughter however is a death ball swinging evil child whom has a strong dislike for Marty and a rather nasty beast she has befriended not far from the kingdom.

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