Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny travel back in time to protect their loved ones. Harry/Ginny


Harry sighed as he continued to finish the steak pie Kreature had made for him and his wife, Ginny. She too was struggling her meal.

It was the third anniversiry of the final battle, the battle that had consumed their loved ones, and only one good thing came out of it. Voldermort was dead.

Arthur and Molly Weasley were murdered by one Bellatrix Lestrange, who was then slashed by George Weasley, who was upset over his twin's death. He was then murdered by Voldermort.

Bill Weasley and his wife, Fleur, managed to kill a couple of death eaters up at the top of the Astromony Tower, which exploded.

The flames had hit Hermione Granger, finacee of Ronald Weasley. They would never forget her screams as she was burned alive.

Ron along with Percy Weasley were killed by a group of Acromantula's, which was Ron's very own fear. Charlie Weasley had rode Buckbeak as they fought against the Giants, which resulted in the Giant killing both the hippogriff and Charlie.

Yet, there was more. Lavendar Brown's heart imploding. Luna Lovegood bleeding to death. Neville Longbottom's head exploding.

Parvati and Padma Patil falling to their deaths. The Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Towers exploded, causing all those who took refuge up there to die.

Remus, Dora and Teddy Tonks getting murdered in their own home.

Serveus Snape, sacraficeing himself to let Harry and Ginny sneak into the Forbidden Forest.

Dobby the house elf, killing his former master and his son, tortured by the Lestranges.

Dean Thomas drowning. Seamus Flinnigan getting eating by Nagina, before Neville destroyed the blasted snake.

Soon, everyone Harry and Ginny held dear until they all died. Now, they lived in misery, waiting for their next adventure.

"Harry", Ginny spoke up. Her red hair was not glowing as it used to, and it was a mess.

"Yes", Harry asked. "What if, we could go back in time", she whispered, as if daring to hope they might change things.

"We could ask, Albus", Harry whispered. More to be continued.

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