Backwoods 2: Adam's Fate is a 2012 TV movie that still being the old actors and actress of

backwoods who survive but a new cast will be in there.


Ryan Merriman as Adam Benson

Haylie Duff as Lee

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Blake

Chelan Simmons as Carrie

Emma Bell as Sherrie

Nicholas D'Agosto as Nick

Anna Faris as Megan

Damon Lipari as Dave

David Koencher as Jack

Texas Battle as Randy


DarkShot 0043

The Kidnapper put a tape on Adam's Mouth

  • Megan is Rape and Decapitated by an armys
  • Dave is abusively stab
  • Jack is bisected by a wrackage
  • Sherrie was impaled with a pole
  • Carrie is shot in head
  • Blake's face was smash with a big stone
  • Nick is electrouced while trying to help Adam
  • Randy is killed when he is butchered


  • Adam Benson
  • Lee

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