Badass Squadron is an unusual squadron composed of elite fighter pilots. It is unusual for a number of reasons, one of which being it was the first (and until the appearance of the Viper line of starfighters, only) squadron to have twenty pilots instead of twelve. Also, prior to and after switching to Vipers, all members flew heavily customized craft


(In order: Position,Name,Callsign,species)

  • Badass Leader: Gen. Brendan Aggeler "Bandit" "Cheeky Chops" Human
  • Badass Two: Gen. Wesley Dodson "Darkstorm" Human
  • Badass Three: Comdr. Steven Everett "Highwind" Human
  • Badass Four: Comdr. Lukas Torres "Blackstar" Human
  • Badass Five: Comdr. Kristen Dodson "Dragon" Human
  • Badass Six: Capt. Amanda Zarkensa "Jigger" Zeltron
  • Badass Seven: Capt. Dallas Englesen "Dodge" Human
  • Badass Eight: Comdr. Mar'cus Ornman "Gramps" Twi'lek
  • Badass Nine: Lt. Loraine Harridan "Amazon" Human
  • Badass Ten: Maj. (name pending) "(callsign pending)" Wookiee
  • Badass Eleven: Capt. Sasha Corianda "Hot Stuff" Human
  • Badass Twelve: Lt. Jon Sullivan "Goofball" Human
  • Badass Thirteen: Comdr. Alice Penterthall(a ten year old) "Baby" Human
  • Badass Fourteen: Gen. Ahsoka Tano "Snips" Togruta
  • Badass Fifteen:
  • Badass Sixteen:
  • Badass Seventeen:
  • Badass Eighteen:
  • Badass Nineteen:
  • Badass Twenty:

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