Balls Of Steel is three season running adult swim television series donned by Seth Macfarlane on the Fox Network from mid 2005 to late 2007.
Balls Of Steel
No. of episodes


Run time

40 Minutes




Seth Macfarlane


David Silverman


David Silverman, J.S Sal, Barry Went, Cassandra Shard, Rita Moebillus, Finn Moore, Mandy Went, David Sayne, Lexword Liadonus

Executive producer(s)

Brotherby Adams


Jodi Benson, Patrick Warburton, Hayden Panatierre, Michael Cera, Patton Lewis, Catherine O' Hara, Jeannine Tripplehorn

First aired

September 14th 2005

Last aired

November 28th 2007

It is the animated comedy spin-off of Family Guy chroniclling Spooner Street Griffin Neighbour Officer Joe Swanson.

It Features a select crew of previous animators many responsabile for the raunchier episodes of the Simpson's original series return in element with many offered shows which broadcast a handicapped overprotective, undersexed father of two living in despair with his family dysfunctions and other problems not usually occurred by the average family.


Joe Swansonis a wheelchair bound fighter jet pilot and a former police officer from Quahog Rhode Island who sustained a very serious injury the day of September the 11th.

The story began as Officer Joe loss his wife Bonnie in a tragi though uttery irrevelant death at the hands of the maniacal though irrevelant irrevelant killer.

He dumps his two infant children in Boot Camp whilest he pursues the killer.

Trailing the irrevelance to New York Joe finds a family whose father ha been irrevelantly killed.

Upon aligning with the family and catching the killer he is abducted with the family and brought to the headquarters of A.N.A.L a top secret spy agency which crowns them an hononorary spy family alongside few others.

Joe then decides to be an official part of the family by dating one female of thefaily.

He accidentally at first goes for the teenage daughter before shacking up with the mom.

He now is the passenger to his own control in life carted around by zeilous perfectionist wife, low-life daughter and varsity slow tripping son as well as the maniacal monkey Marlow.

However a chance with encounter with an evil law-firm of experimenting anal lovers results in him being blown to smithereens to rescue Marlow and soon him and the pet monkey return from death as something else..

Joey S was stitched back toegether and forged from the legs down as half of an incomplete robotic organism with the power to sweep entire rooms of enemies with ease.

He has become the ultimate weapon as Marlow as become the ultimate enemy now that his already negative brain has been enlarged to the point of capable speech and many evil plots being possible.

This Family may not be perfect but they do have balls..of steel.


  • Joe Swanson
  • Martin Mane
  • Susan Mane
  • Eli Lane
  • Eliza Lane
  • Malcolm Mane
  • Maria Mane
  • Marlow
  • Marlette
  • Doctor Foster
  • Big Bear
  • Jennifer Park
  • Craig Kosterman
  • Little Billy
  • Little Lara
  • Rowfrost The Snowman
  • Casper Dean
  • Gina Phillips
  • Nina Donson
  • Camel Clarke
  • Miriam Grace
  • Prometheus
  • Bad Bartender
  • Gil The Small Man
  • Torrence Tipsy
  • Mage
  • Shannon Donelly
  • Peter Donelly
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Rhona Simetra
  • The Hippie-rs
  • Fake
  • Wexler
  • King Konga
  • Nala-2
  • La-La-Lazlo
  • Inspector Black
  • Inspector White
  • Inspector Skin
  • Inspector Ha
  • Molly The Bad Babysitter
  • Desire
  • Bonnie- Irreverently Deceased

Season One

  1. You've Got The Balls Part One
  2. You've Got The Balls Part Two
  3. Ave Maria
  4. Mad Monkey
  5. Flying High
  6. Snopping Da Dog
  7. Wow Wow Molly, Wow Wow Pow Pow
  8. Twas Beauty That Killed The Beast... and well oveacting hormones
  9. Meet the Swansons
  10. Meet The F***king Manes,
  11. Lionel Hoe
  12. Bad Babysitter
  13. Joe and the Mad Monkey Serum