"Band Freaks"

Nick and Jerrick








October 21, 2011

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Featuring: Nick, Jerrick, Jason Jaques-Jones

Also Featuring: Master Song, The Annoying Mime


The episode begins with Nick and Jerrick in their apartment as usual. Jason is next door in his apartment playing his electric guitar very loudly which angers Nick and Jerrick. Nick and Jerrick then go next door and get into an argument with Jason about his guitar. Jerrick and Jason then get into a quick scuffle which results in the breaking of Jason's guitar. Jason then threatens to beat both Nick and Jerrick into a pulp if they don't buy him a new guitar. Nick and Jerrick comply to Jason's threats and they buy him a new electric guitar. Jason then tells Nick and Jerrick about his situation, all of the members of his band died in a tragic bus accident while Nick and Jerrick were out buying Jason a new guitar. An angered Jason then forces Nick and Jerrick to join his new band.

The band of Nick, Jerrick, and Jason then begin to practice and things go horribly wrong. Master Song's 24/7 Taekwondo school is then disrupted by the band's playing. Master Song and his students arrive at Nick and Jerrick's apartment and beat up Nick, Jerrick, and Jason. The beating angers Jason who then punches both Nick and Jerrick. The band goes back to practicing and things only get worse as the Annoying Mime appears and won't leave.

Nick and Jerrick's apartment then catch on fire as the cord to Jason's new electric guitar shorts. Nick, Jerrick, and Jason are forced to evacuate the apartment and then the whole building catches on fire and collapses. Jason begins to cry as he has now lost another guitar adn has no way of playing at his band's upcoming concert. Jerrick then mocks Jason which causes Jason to attack Jerrick.

The date of Jason's concert arrives and Nick, Jerrick, and Jason arrive at the stage. A crowd consisting of many Rose Beach residents arrives at the stage and are enraged when they discover that there will not be a concert. The trio of Nick, Jerrick, and Jason are then grabbed and beaten as a riot begins. The concert stage is set on fire and the episode ends with Nick, Jerrick, and Jason all three being thrown into the ocean. Once in the ocean, Jason attempts to drown Nick and Jerrick in anger.


  • When the complex of the Grandcenter Apartments is burned down, it is unknown what happened to the other characters living in the apartments as they do not appear in the episodes. In the following episodes the apartment complex appears perfectly fine meaning that the event was not canonical and any deaths that may have occurred weren't either.


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