"I will break you!


Bane is one of Batman's strongest enemies, he is the only man to break the Batman.

Early lifeEdit

Bane was imprissoned at birth for his fathers life sentence, he soon adjusted to prison life at three. He learned to focus and meditate, he also became strong. During this time Bane carried a teddy bear named Osito, his only friend. Osito had a hole in his back were a knife was kept. In his early adult years, Bane was picked to test a drug called Venom. He survives the drug and becomes incredibly strong. He need to take the drug every twelve hours, so cabels pump venom into his head. Bane escaped prison and headed to gothom to kill the Bat. Bane heard rumors of Batman in prison, his childhood nightmares were of a bat. Bane belived the nightmanres represented Batman. His main goal now was to take Gotham.

The man who broke the bat.Edit

Bane arrives at Gotham and starts destroying anything he touches. Batman arrives to attack Bane but is hurt badly. The two continue to fight each other until Bane destroys an entire building. Batman then delivers a deadly blow to Bane, Bane retreats to the slums of Gotham. Bane hears of a billionaire named Bruce Wayne, Bane plans to ransom Bruce. Later Bane captures Wayne's girlfriend and sends a note to Bruce. Bruce gets the note and prepares to attack Bane. When Batman arrived, Bane broke his back and left him to die. Bane then released the prisoners of Arkham into Gotham.

Bane defeatedEdit

For ten months the criminals of Gotham had control of Gotham. Batman recovered from his broken back after months of treatment. Bane had taken control of the Gotham underworld and all the criminals. While Bane was dealing with an undercover cop, Batman was interogating Killer Croc. Batman learned of Bane's location from Croc then, made his way to Bane. Bane was about to kill the undercover cop when Batman attacked. The two fought until Bane's tubes were cut, Bane returned to his normal from. Bane was sent to Blackgate prison and put into cell made of a sturdy material. He was given a small dose of Venom each day, to keep him from dying.


During the three months in Blackgate, Bane plotted his vengeance on the Batman. One day a guard accidently gave Bane to much Venom. Bane pretended to suffer from withdrawal, guards came in to help. Bane then pretended to die, the guards began giving him more Venom. Finally he was strong enough to break free, he broke the chain and began a rampage. He headed for the warden, who was being protected. Bane killed his guards then crushed the Warden's head.

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