Barnabé Ricard is a character in the animated television series Nick and Jerrick. Barnabé is a 43-year-old French-American citizen but is also a skilled thief. He and his wife were expelled from France by the government after they attempted to steal the Mona Lisa and several other works of art from the Musée du Louvre in Paris, France. After their foiled attempts to rob the Musée du Louvre and their expulsion from France, Barnabé and his wife moved to Rose Beach, Florida and have since rented out an apartment at the Grandcenter complex. Their apartment now acts as the base of their operations.

Barnabé stands at five feet and eight inches tall and has sandy brown hair and sky blue eyes. His casual attire consists of a white polo shirt, black dress pants, and white tennis shoes. When Barnabé is in the middle of a heist he will a disguise: a purple jumpsuit equipped with a mask and black cape.

Barnabé appears to have a rather devious personality and will lie about anything. Barnabé is also very manipulative and is good at convincing others to do what he wishes. Barnabé's dream is to heist from all of the world's biggest banks and become the richest man in the world. According to Barnabé, stealing is a game that he must win. Barnabé therefore decided to train his young daughter, Anne-Elisabeth Ricard, in the art of thieving so that she may one day grow old enough to help him achieve his dreams. Barnabé also appears to not care that much for his family and he uses them just as much as he uses anybody else.

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