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The Bastavo pack

The Bastavo was the most rare species of vampire. Originally it was only passed along by bite, never genetically (though that was later changed with the birth of Jacob Osaka, Terrell Osaka and Destiny Osaka). They have the longest fangs known amongst all vampire races. The Bastavos were unique because of the unique family closeness they held and their abilities. The unique abilities varied from person to person, but a unique attribute of the Bastavos was that they could take the animal form of the, Wild African Dog. The pack never grew beyond eight members, but even so they were more often than not, feared and respected. The only vampire race that could prove to be a match for them were the Shikyans.



The original Bastavo was Jerome Carter, Janine Carter's father. He underwent several tests and biological mutations, which led to the gene of the Bastavo to be created, although because Jerome's wife had perished after birthing Janine, he had no way of seeing if the gene could be passed on genetically and simply declared that it could only be passed on through a bite. When Janine was in her teens, Jerome bit her, transferring the power to her. Once she started dating Rude Osaka, she asked her father to turn him, and when the teen was about sixteen, Jerome turned him as well. For years it was just the three of them, toning their powers and learning to control their strength and speed. A couple of years after turning Rude, Jerome died mysteriously, and his powers were taken. Unsure how or why, Janine and Rude simply left the area, trying to keep the fate of their leader from being theirs as well. Another Bastavo later emerged, Derek Hatake.

The Leadership


The Bastavo's worked much like a wolf pack, even when they were in their human forms. The leaders were called Elders, and there could only be two at a time. To become Elders, the possibles had to undergo ruthless trials, that punished the mind, body and soul. The Elders had a fair amount of advantages over the other Bastavos. They could control the other vampires, through a somewhat brainwash like process. They were also faster, stronger and could locate the other vampires in mere seconds by simply thinking of the person. It used to be rumored that the Bastavo Elder's fangs were longer and sharper, and this was proven to be only true to the male Elders.

Behind the scenes

Anime Fan Project Bastavo is part of Crimson Heir!

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