Batman Unlimited is the title to a possible fifth entry into the Tim Burton/Joel Schumaccher Batman series. To appeal to fans, Tim Burton is set to direct, with also the much desired return of Michael Keaton in the leading role.



Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Chris O'Donell as Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing

Alicia Silverstone as Barbara Wilson/Batgirl

Michael Gough as Alfred Pennyworth

Pat Hingle as Commissioner James Gordon

Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale

Elle Macpherson as Julie Madison

Laurence Fishburne as Detective Harvey Bullock


Jeremy Irons as Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat

Ewan McGregor as Doctor Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow

Ian Whyte as Waylon Jones/Killer Croc

John-Rhys Davies as Rupert Thorne

Christopher Lee as Doctor March

Zachary Quinto as Tony Zucco

Kate Beckinsale as Candice


Three Years LaterEdit

It has been three years since the events of Batman and Robin. Dick Grayson has moved into his own apartment, and severed ties to his former mentor. Barbara is attending Gotham University, and still fights alongside Batman as Batgirl.


A group of thugs is breaking into a Goth Corp. factory and begin to place bombs around it. They are being picked off one by one by Batman and Batgirl, and eventually there is a huge fight, with Batman and Batgirl being the victors.

Gordon arrives and arrests the thugs. Batman talks to Gordon on how he suspects that they are hired thugs that work under crime boss Rupert Thorne.

Rupert ThorneEdit

Rupert Throne is sitting at his desk with his assistant and trophy girlfriend Candice when his lieutenant Tony Zucco enters the room telling Thorne about what happened. Thorne slams his fist down on the table and shouts about the failure and capture of his men. He then says that Batman has to be taken out of the equation.

A DisgraceEdit

Bruce Wayne is sitting on his couch looking in a scrapbook about the old days of he and Dick working together, when Alfred suddenly enters the room telling him that he must attend his charity donation to Gotham University. Bruce gets up and leaves to go.

Bruce arrives at Gotham University with his girlfriend Julie Madison and gives a speech to the crowd and is then interviewed by the reporter Summer Gleeson. In the crowd Bruce can see his old girlfriend Vicki Vale taking pictures, and then turns his head away.

Bruce, Summer, Julie and the dean of the university Doctor March go into an elevator together. When Bruce tries to talk to March he bashes Wayne, saying how Bruce was just a spoiled rich boy, and was a disgrace to the family name. When the elevator comes to a halt March exits it. Summer and Julie try to console Bruce but he just leaves the elevator with his head down in shame.

On the grounds Bruce is met by his old friend Dr. Kirk Langstrom who tries to help him, but Bruce just keeps walking.

Bruce gets back to Wayne Manor and sits at the Batcomputer pondering what Doctor March said.


Kirk Langstrom is working in his lab at Gotham University. He has several test tubes on the table filled with liquid. He has a camera rolling. While he works he talks about how he hopes that the serum could successfully be used on him to help the world, and asks for redemption.

Attack on Gotham UniversityEdit

Scarecrow, Killer Croc, and masked thugs enter the grounds of Gotham University. They break into a building and approach a vault. Scarecrow orders his men to break open the vault. He then orders Croc and other thugs to guard the outside. One thug accidentally trips a silent alarm alerting the police about the break in.

Gordon puts the Batsignal up. He then sends Harvey Bullock and some other officers down to Gotham University.

From Wayne Manor Bruce sees the signal and suits up.

Bullock and the other cops arrive and a shootout begins. Croc recognizes Bullock and references about how he had arrested him years ago. Croc attacks Bullock. Croc almost kills him when Batman attacks Croc, allowing Bullock to escape. Batgirl is also there fighting against thugs. While fighting Croc, Batman learns that he has a vendetta against Gotham University along with his partner. Croc claims that a scientist at the university tested a military serum on him after getting out of jail, and the serum forever turned him into a crocodile-like monster. Eventually Batman knocks out Croc, and he and Batgirl enter the building.

Scarecrow is entering the vault when Batman and Batgirl run at him. Batgirl is blocked off by a thug, and she fights him while Batman confronts Scarecrow. Batman tries to interrogate him, but Scarecrow just gasses him by surprise, and Batman falls to the ground coughing as Scarecrow sets a fire to the vault, and then escapes through the back entrance. In the flame Bruce sees his father's face telling him that he is a shame to the family name. Bruce can't believe what he is seeing, and begins to shout no!

Old ColleaguesEdit

Kirk is still working and puts the serum into a shot. He is about to inject it when he tells himself that it isn't ready. Suddenly Scarecrow runs into the room and Kirk turns to face him shouting at him to stop, and is then horrified to see who it is. Scarecrow recognizes Kirk and begins to allude to them knowing each other which at first confuses Kirk, but he then realizes who Scarecrow is, muttering the name Jonathan. Scarecrow attacks Kirk and injects the needle into Kirk saying that he will have his revenge, and throws Kirk to the ground. Scarecrow then runs away as he hears footsteps heading towards the room.

Batman is staggering into the room after what happened in the vault and sees Kirk writhing on the floor. Batman mutters Kirk, and then sees Kirk turn into a humanoid bat monster. Batman gasps in surprise and Man-Bat sees him and attacks him. The two fight.


Scarecrow exits the building and a black armored van rolls up on the road and Scarecrow enters it. The van drives by Croc and Scarecrow calls Croc to the van, and Croc goes into the van with Scarecrow.

As the van drives away Batgirl uses a microphone device in her utility belt to call her Batcycle over. She gets onto it and goes after the van.

Suddenly Batman is flung out of the building through a window. Batman gets up aching in pain, and looks up to see Man-Bat fly into the night sky, away from the university. Batman calls the Batwing over with a microphone device in his utility belt, and gets into it, and goes into the sky searching for Man-Bat.

Batgirl is still chasing the van. The back slides open and Croc points a machine gun at her and fires, but she dodges all of the bullets, and eventually throws a batarang at the gun, making it fall out of Croc's hand. Croc then takes out a grenade and throws it at Batgirl. Batgirl jumps off of her motorcycle and it is destroyed by the grenade. She then gets up and is upset about Scarecrow getting away.

Batman spots Man-Bat and chases him through the sky. The chase continues into an under consturction building forcing Batman to jump out of the Batwing and onto Man-Bat and they struggle, until Man-Bat forces him off.


Bruce and Barbara regroup at


It is followed by the sequel Batman Legends

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