Harry Potter. Due to the number of Squibs arise due to pureblood inbreeding, Harry and Ginny are quickly arrested when they marry each other instead of the dying purebloods.


It all happened during their wedding day.

"Ginny, Run", Harry yelled as an number of auror apparated, making the guests run and scream. "No", Ginny screamed over the noise, although she was barely heard.

An Auror apparated behind Ginny, and quickly grabbed onto her. She kicked the auror in the privates, who yelled.

Ginny fell down and the auror grabbed onto her leg, ripping an small part of her wedding dress. "Stupfy", Harry shouted at the auror, who was knocked into unconscious.

Ginny screamed as two aurors tackled Harry down, and he yelled for her to run. She woud have, but she couldn't leave her husband alone.

"Run", he yelled, but Ginny didn't lisiten. Her wand fell down, and an auror tackled her, and Harry screamed in horror.

The two had awoken in an cell. Harry was to marry Pansy Parkison, to save her blood line.

Due to the increase of Squibs, Purebloods were to marry Half Bloods and Muggle Borns. The increase of Squibs was because of the Pureblood's inbred.

Ginny was to marry Draco Malfoy. Harry and Ron, her brother, had helped her to escape from Malfoy Mannor.

The three were in hiding and Ron married Hermione, their friend. They had fled the country, but Harry and Ginny were left behind.

Ginny heard screams coming from the next cell. "Harry, i will realise that scream from anywhere. It's Luna", she said, worried for her friend.

Luna Longbottom screamed as the man dugged his knife into her arm. "The good old muggle way", he flashed her an terrifying grin.

"Please, don't kill me. I'm pregnant", she lied. "Pregnant, are you. Heir to the Longbottoms. Well, we know that's not true, as your an fucking whore", he hissed.

Luna quickly kicked him on the privates and he dropped his knife. Luna picked it up and stabbed him on the privates.

She quickly managed to escape from her opened cell. "Life is too easy", she muttered. She heard sobs coming from the next cell.

"Harry, Ginny", she asked. Harry and Ginny looked up. "Luna, Please. You have to, Luna look out", Ginny screamed.

An auror from behind stabbed Luna in the back. "Why are you using the muggle way", Luna's last words were, before she died.

Ginny collapsed, in shock. Harry let out tears. "Because, we are going to marry the filthy beasts", he spat at her blonde hair.


The Terrible Escape

Next time. Ron and Hermione's plan to escape to Mexico didn't work, see what happened to the married couple.

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