Harry Potter. What If Hermione had Tom Riddle's Diary. Dark Independent Harry/Ginny


Harry Potter yelled with all his might as he slashed Gryffindor's Sword with the Basilisk's Skin, which caused the basilisk to yell.

Harry could only watch in horror as the basilisk bit into his arm. Harry screamed and fell to the ground, as the basilisk screamed in pain.

Then, there was silence, and then clapping.

"So you killed the Slytheren's Beast. Well, it doesn't matter, as i will rule the world", Tom Riddle's voice echoed around the chamber.

Harry still had the sword, and he looked at Riddle's Diary. Hermione Granger was holding it, unconscious. Harry picked up the sword, and dug it into the diary.

He narrowly missed Hermione as he stabbed the diary. He heard Riddle's screams, but he ignored it. He kept stabbing the diary, each time missing Hermione.

Riddle screams became nothing, and Harry turned around. He was losing conscious thanks to the basilisk's bite.

However, Fawkes and a Blue Phoneix flew up to him. The Blue Phoneix knelt beside Harry, and cried. The Tear fell to Harry's wound, and there was no pain, no anything.

"Thank You", Harry whispered.

"You too, Human", came a voice inside his mind.

"Who Are you".

"Venus, i'm you're phoneix", Venus said, and Harry smiled despite himself.

Just then, Hermione awoke, and she saw Harry. "Thank You Harry. I shouldn't have trust Riddle", Hermione wept.

Meanwhile, something stirred inside Harry. He heard a voice, which sounded like Riddle.

Rape, She Deserves it. She Should Be You're Slave.

Harry kicked Hermione on the face, and she let out a small screamed. She fell to the ground, and held onto her nose.

"Harry", she whimpered. "Bitch", Harry yelled, and he waved and flicked his wand. Hermione's eyes widened as her clothes were pulled off.

"Nice Breasts", Harry commented, and Hermione screamed as Harry bent down. He sucked her left nipple, and Hermione could only moan in surprise.

"You like that, don't you", Harry whispered, which caused Hermione to shudder. "No", she managed to get out.


Hermione screamed, Harry had slapped her. He dragged her feet, and pushed her into the dirty water. Hermione was weak, and couldn't swim.

"Help", she tried. Harry was drowning her, and pulled her back out. Hermione gasped for air. "I will kill you unless you will be my slave", Harry said.

Hermione whimpered, and looked into his eyes. "Yes", she whispered. "You will call me master when we are not around other people", he said. "Yes".

"You will do as i say".



There was silence, and then Harry turned to Hermione. He smiled. "Don't be shy", he said. Hermione bit back her screams as Harry raped her.

Venus and Fawkes had watched the whole event.

"Venus, isn't you're human dark".

"Yes he is, Fawkes. However, this is just one evil step in his path. He will do many great things in the future".

"If you say so, old friend".

One: Dumbledore's OfficeEdit

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fawkes, Venus and the objects they carried walked into the room. There was Mr and Mrs Granger, and Mr and Mrs Weasley.

Both Parents turned around, and they ran up to their son and daughter. "Thank You", Susan Granger wept to Harry. Harry nodded.

David Granger turned to Harry. Both nodded, and shook hands. Dumbledore and McGonagall stood their patiently. Both were curious about the objects and Venus.

"Who is this", Dumbledore asked. "My Phoneix", Harry said, and Venus let out a chearful song. This couldn't stop Hermione crying from what had happened.

"We are pulling you out of this school now", Susan snapped at Hermione. Hermione's tears stopped. She could get away from that, monster.

Dumbledore looked at Harry, and performed Leglimancy on Harry. To his surprise, there was wards around his mind. Very Powerful Ones.

"What Happened", Dumbledore asked. Harry told them all about the voices, how their friend Ginevra Weasley had discovered what the basilisk was before getting petrified.

How Harry and Ron found out Lockart was a fake, and tried to wipe their memorys. How Harry managed to get separated and battled the basilisk, Riddle and Hermione.

Lucious Malfoy came in. "Dumbledore, what are you doing here", he asked. Dumbledore smiled, with a twikle in his eyes.

"The Board of Governor's put me here when one miss Hermione Jean Granger had been captured. Harry Potter and his friends managed to save her", he said.

"Fine, Dobby let's go", Lucious said. Dobby the house elf followed him. "Wait". Harry pulled out his sock, and put it in Riddle's Diary.

"Mr Malfoy", Harry called, and Lucious turned around. "What, Potter", he asked coolly. "Here".

Harry gave Malfoy the Diary. "Dobby", he threw the diary to Dobby.

"Dobby is a free elf".

When Lucious nearly killed Harry and Dobby stopped him, Malfoy stalked off.

"Dobby", Harry said. Dobby looked at him. "Yes, Harry Potter Sir".

"Can you be my house elf", Harry asked. Dobby nodded. "Dobby will love to, Dobby will love to".

Two: Ginevra Weasley's RecoverEdit

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