The Battle of Cardooine was a significant battle in the third quint of the New Clone Wars. It was a victory of one capitol ship and 80 or so fighters against decidedly superior numbers.

Phase 1: Establishing a planetary footholdEdit

Sabrina and Cream remained on the Columbia to coordinate things. Amy Rose, with Anakin Skywalker and Sonic the Hedgehog as wingmates, led Skull Squadron (equipped with the new Viper Mark IIs. Anakin and Sonic flew Cream's and Sabrina's Vipers respectively. Sonic had trouble adjusting back to a single-stick fighter, resulting in Sabrina's Viper sustaining cosmetic damage early on) through Cardooine's fighter screen. They cleared the area around the abandoned Old Republic base of all U.E.V. units before touching down. Shuttles followed with troops and staff to secure the base, which possessed communications overrides necessary to assure they were undetected.

Phase 2: Attack on the research and development stationEdit

This was the main objective. The station itself was protected by a number of missile-launching satellites and several wings of fighters. Columbia executed a hyperspace microjump square into close assault range of the satellites. The battlestar's point-defence guns, coupled with flak rounds fired by the main batteries, proved highly effective at suppressing the incoming missiles. Columbia's Viper squadrons launched as soon as they had a clear path, and used their own missiles to destroy the satellites. At the same time, Sabrina teleported her Viper to the station and destroyed its hyperdrive. A stray enemy missile disabled Columbia's weapons grid, leaving it unable to attack the station directly. Columbia's Vipers and Raptors were used instead. The Raptors employed nano-missiles and seismic charges against the fighter defences while the Vipers slipped inside the station and strafed its superstructure, critically weakening it. After exiting the Vipers finished the station with one last missile salvo.

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