The Battle of Firaca was a battle in the second year of the Clone Wars. Mihk Magne, Captain Dyr, Admiral Lobyc, Mibas Fasuma, and the Firacan King Kogi led a small team of clone troopers to victory over D0-R1 and its Separatist forces.

In Space

Admiral Lobyc commanded a small armada of Star Destroyers against DO-R1's fleet. Be used a tactic similar to Anakin Skywalker's in the Battle of Devaron, except he utilized MCC Boarding Walkers. The forces inside the small walker eventually made it into the command vesssel and destroyed D0-R1 in a firefight. The remaining battle droids were puzzled and did not know what to do about the attacking fleet, and Lobyc's forces stopped reinforcements from landing.

On the Planet

Mihk Magne led Captain Dyr and Storm Company into a massive battle against enemy tanks. After Magne was almost defeated, a gunship landed with more clones flanked by Firacan Royal guards, led by Mibas Fasuma and King Kogi. The resurge of the clones was huge, and with the help of Juggernauts, the droids were defeated.

Picture 4

Clone forces fend of pressing droids in the abandoned streets.

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