Final Struggles of the Diadochi; Battles against Demetrius


Wars of the Diadochi


Galactic Peace

Battle of Sacra I

Wars of the Diadochi


November 29, 2419


On and above the planet Sacra I in the Delta Quadrant


Victory of Alexandra I Nicator; death of Athanasius I the Energetic; Fel Dynasty annexed by Arachosian Empire


Arachosian Empire

Fel Dynasty


Alexandra I Nicator

Athanasius I the Energetic

  • 20 million Klingon warriors
  • 40 million Federation refitted infantry
  • 10 million imperial infantry
  • 450 Star Destroyers
  • 1,000 Klingon Retrofitted Birds of Prey
  • 2,000 Romulan Retrofitted Birds of Prey
  • 200 retrofitted Borg Cubes
  • 100 Borg Spheres
  • 7,000 Imperial cruisers and dreadnoughts
  • 2,500 Federation battleships and starships
  • 20,000 Tie-Fighters
  • 5,000 Klingon and Cardassian Fighters
  • 2,000 other vessels
  • 20 million Jem'Hadar warriors
  • 5 million Borg infantry
  • 40 million Voth infantry
  • 3 million Vorta infantry
  • 230 Star Destroyers
  • 1,000 retrofitted Karemma Ships
  • 1,100 Jem'Hadar Battleships
  • 7,000 Jem'Hadar fighters
  • 9,000 Karemma Fighters
  • 1,000 other vessels
  • 5 million infantry
  • 2,000 Klingon Warriors
  • 77 Star Destroyers
  • 20 Borg Spheres
  • 4,000 Tie-Fighters
  • 8 million Jem'Hadar warriors
  • 4.5 million Borg infantry
  • 22 million Voth infantry
  • 200 Star Destroyers
  • 980 Karemma Ships
  • 995 Jem'Hadar Battleships
  • 6,000 Jem'Hadar fighters
  • 3,400 Karemma fighters
  • 440 other vessels

The Battle of Sacra I was the last battle of the Wars of the Diadochi, fought on November 19, 2419. It was fought between the forces of Alexandra I Nicator, the founder and 1st Empress of the Arachosian Empire, and Athanasius I the Energetic, founder and Emperor of the Fel Dynasty. They were by this point the last surviving Diadochi. Alexandra's dominion, Arachosia, comprised virtually all of the Beta Quadrant, as well as most of the Alpha Quadrant and the greater part of the Delta Quadrant, while the Empire of Athanasius comprised much of the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. Alexandra and Athanasius had been allies decades earlier, fighting together to defeat Antigonus I the Old, who had been killed at the Battle of Borgia 009 in 2399. By this point however, tensions between the two former allies had been building up, and Alexandra feared Athanasius would sweep into the Borg regions she controlled as part of her empire. As such, she entered into war against him, and at the world of Sacra I in the Delta, smashed Athanasius's forces, using primarily her superior naval strength. Athanasius himself died during the fighting. Alexandra then took Sacra and eventually captured Karemma, annexing the Fel Dynasty into her Empire and expanding her reach across the northern span of the galaxy. It was however ironic that these former companions and friends would, as elderly septuagenarians, fight each other to the death. After the battle, Alexandra was the only Diadochi and main subordinate of Kanos still living.

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