This is a campaign description for Battlefield: Warzones with more detailed information. Either side can be played.

Middle Eastern Conflict (United States Marine Corps versus Middle Eastern Coalition)

Gulf of Oman

This map takes place in the Gulf of Oman. Here, a Marine Expeditionary Unit has landed on a beach-head in the Gulf during the night, in the hopes of being able to rush the MEC airbase and capture it. However, it's been delayed into the morning. Both sides have spent it preparing for the final assault.

USMC Victory Conditions:

  • All neutral control points under USMC control (Four at start)
  • MEC Airbase captured and sacked

MEC Victory Conditions:

  • All neutral control points under MEC control (Three at start)
  • USS Essex sunken

Loss Conditions for both sides:

  • None

USMC Commander Assets available: Supply Drop, Artillery (three cannons located on an island near the shore), UAV and Battlefield Scan/Airstrike (control trailer onboard USS Essex)

MEC Commander Assets available: Supply Drop, Artillery (located at airfield), Battlefield Scan/Airstrike (located short distance away from airfield), UAV (trailer at airfield)

Tactics for USMC: When you select spawn, have a few soldiers spawn at the Essex and man the AA Guns/fightercraft. Spawn everyone else at one of the four forts and have them rush the three other control points. Once that's done, attack the Airbase without relenting.

Tactics for MEC: Spawn half the soldiers at your neutral posts and have them defend (pick Support and Sniper). Have the rest spawn at the airfield and destroy the Essex. Success relies on taking out the Lightning IIs and AA Guns before the USMC Commander can produce supplementary ones to replace the destroyed one, so it's essentially a death-or-glory charge.

Battlefield Map:

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