"Watch out bitches! This witch is out to destroy you bloody angels!"
Full Name Athena Rayne
Date of Birth December 20, 1411, Vigrid
Weapon of Choice and Name of Weapon Soul Edge - 2 Elbow Blades and 2 Handguns
Parents Rosa and Balder
Relatives, Friends, and Rivals Bayonetta(sister), Jeanne(friend)

Enzo(friend), Rodin(rival)

Pact with Madama Persephone
Clan Umbra Witches
Animal Forms Owl, Python, Aerodactyl
Eye and Hair Colour Red and Spring Green
Gender Female

Bayonthena is the long lost sister of Bayonetta, and a protegee of Magic and Martial Arts. She apparently has amnesia from a struck to the head by her dad, Balder when she was little.

Early lifeEdit

Bayonthena once was with her family until she and her parents and sister were imprisoned because of her and her sister Bayonetta were born of light and darkness. However, Bayonthena managed to escape from some unknown reason, her family presumed she was killed. Years later, she worked as a bartender at The Gates of Hell owned by Rodin, when Bayonthena first met Bayonetta at the bar, she had a flashback of her and their family and regained her memory after her flashback.


Bayonthena attended her sister's funeral, along with Jeanne they both dressed as nuns. After the prays, the angels appeared to "claim the prize". And as always, her and Jeanne fought the angels alongside the alive and well Bayonetta, fighting together as sisters, and friends.


  • "How Pathetic!"
  • "Whoop-Ass Time!"
  • "Watch Out, Bitches!"
  • "You Wanna Feel Me?"
  • "Come on, Bitch!"
  • "This Better be Worth It!"
  • "Get Your Graves!"
  • "Hand over your fricking Halos!"
  • "I'm Gonna bust a cap in your Ass!"
  • "You Wanna Touch Me? That sounds familiar"
  • "Let's Tango!"
  • "Ooh! Angel Training Dummies!"


  • Elbow Blades
  • Soul Edge(Sophitia, Tira, Ivy, Amy)
  • Ruby Roses
  • Sephiroth
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Devi
  • Alice Liddell
  • Izanami
  • Xibalba
  • Narcissistic Flower
  • Rodin


  • BloodRayne(Original Costume)
  • God's Foolish Servant(Nun's Costume)
  • Nocturne(Early Design Costume)
  • Sporty Feminist(P.E Costume)
  • Chain of Memories(Valor's Chosen One Costume)
  • Umbran Rookie(Umbran Witches Training Costume)
  • Oriental Witch(Umbran Witches Kimono Costume)
  • Path of Soul Edge(Various Costumes: Type A - Amy, Type B - Tira, Type C - Ivy)

Difference to BayonettaEdit

  • Bayonthena is more agile and athletic than Bayonetta.
  • While Bayonetta activates Witch Time by dodging, Bayonthena has to activate it by using the move "Butterfly Within."
  • Bayonthena has a different heel attack called "Heel of Ivy."
  • Although Bayonetta made a pact with Madama Butterfly, Bayonthena had somehow strangely made a pact with Madama Persephone. Granting the power of growth, beauty, knowledge, wisdom, and the undead.


  • This character picture is not mine, it rightfully belongs to the game BloodRayne and it's company.

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