Harry Potter. Harry's brother is the boy who lived. He become friends with Ginny Weasley, and both prepare for the war. Harry/Ginny


Lily screamed as she pushed harder. Her husband James and the healer were telling her she need to push. "Have you given birth to twins", she snapped.

One push, and Harry James Potter was born. Lily didn't care about the baby. The prophecy said the second child will defeat Voldermort, so she pushed harder.

"Make it stop", she sobbed. James gave her a reasuring smile, himself neglecting the baby she had given birth moments ago.

Lily finally gave birth to Brian Siruis Potter. Siruis was godfather of Brian, and Remus was godfather of Harry. Only Remus cared for Harry.

The following year went by quickly. James, Lily and their children were in hiding. Peter was the secret keeper.

Harry was only fed and bathed. He was never giving any affection, and never cried. He was an odd child, that was for sure.

James and Lily were playing with Brian when the front door exploded. "Lily, get Brian and run", James yelled. Lily did as he commanded.

Lily ran upstairs with Brian while her husband was dueling with Voldermort. She saw baby Harry in the nursery. "Get out of that cot you brat", she yelled.

She forcefully picked up Harry and put him on the ground. She placed Brian on the cot, and put Harry in the closet. She turned around as Voldermort came.

"Neglecting your child, Lily Flower", Voldermort hissed. Lily screamed. "Place, hurt Harry, not me or Brian", Lily begged.

"Crucio", Voldermort said lazily, and Lily screamed in agony as her insides crushed. She fell to the ground, moaning and yelling.

Voldermort left her in pain as he turned his wand to Brian. "Perharps i will raise Harry as my own, Mudblood", he sneered. "Avada Kedarva".

However, what Lily didn't see was the cuboard door blasting towards Voldermort's curse. The curse bounced back and hit Voldermort and Brian on the forehead.

The house lit on flames as Voldermort disappeared. Lily awoke. "Brian, oh Brian wake up", she cried. She saw Brian awake, with a lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

"You did kill You-Know-Who", she smiled. She picked up Brian, and turned to Harry. "Come here you brat", she yelled as she picked up Harry.

She put out the flames and walked downstairs. She saw James unconscious. She managed to awake them, and the married couple walked outside with their children.

Meanwhile, five month year old Ginevra Molly Weasley was in her cot, sleaping. Molly came in, and smiled as she looked at her child.

However, Sybil Trelawney was drinking her wine, while reading Seer History. Suddenly, she collapsed, and the book fell down. Her eyes became pure white, and she started speaking a voice that was not her own.

Those who think the boy who lived is the second, is wrong as it is the first. The first will truly defeat the dark lord, while marrying the red head friend of his and have a child which would help him destroy the dark lord.

Sybil awoke. "Oh goodness, i have got wine all over my book", she said.

When Harry Met Ginny, OneEdit

Harry James Potter sighed as he continued to read to his books. It was his birthday, he wasn't surprised that he wasn't invited to the birthday party although his brother was.

He read laughing, he had yet to laugh. He heard people yelling, he had yet to yell. He was lonely, ever so lonely since his birth.

Harry went to the loo, and he heard crying. He had yet to cry. He slowly opened the bathroom door, and saw a girl with red hair.

"What's wrong", the eight year old boy asked.

"My bbrrrotttherss annnddd Briiiannn haatteee meee", she sobbed.

"Brian", Harry asked. The girl nodded.

"Yeeeahh, heee saiidd thhhattt girrrlllls cannnnt pllllayyyy quiiitch", she sobbed.

"What is your name, and please don't cry", Harry said. She wiped her tears. "Ginny Weasley", she whispered.

"I'm Harry Potter", Harry said.

"Are you his brother", Ginny asked.


"Why aren't you are the party then", she asked, obviously confused.

"Well, my parents ignore me, so it owuld be kind of surprising if they love me like they do with my brother", Harry explained. "That's horrible", she said.

"Want to talk", Harry asked. Ginny nodded. "Come on", and both Harry and Ginny quickly ran to the room.

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