Bell CGI New

Chance CGI

Bell & Chance
Real Name Bell & Chance Alucard Xcalibur
Height Bell




Weight Bell

125 lbs.


115 lbs.

Resides Earth
Origin Earth
First Appearance Ultimo X V
Species Human


Allies Ultimo X


Ultimo A



Enemies Bithrian Kingdom
Weapons Bell



Magic Staff

Fighting Styles Way of Ultimo X Fighting Style
Alignment Good & Evil

Bell & Chance are twin sisters and daughters of Ultimo X and Christina. They both consist of similar and different powers. They were also the last to be born.


Bell & Chance have been together since birth. They have some kind of strange connection were they both become stronger if together, they both become smarter, stronger, and faster. Unlike the other siblings, they like to do other things then fight demons and Bith knights. They mostly go out to eat the most.

After the Mecha War, they were sent on a mission to receive a device that will help to get rid of the demons. While on this mission, they both met a man named Tony Briggs. He had helped both of them receive the device and then had a romantic moments with Chance a couple of times during what was happening.

They have also been known to do everything together. EVERYTHING!


  • Has the ability to fly.
  • Could use magic like her mother.
  • Able to shoot blasts magic balls from her palms.
  • Can look through peoples cloths, walls, etc.
  • Is a gun specialist.
  • Able to speak any language.
  • Has an alternate form called Demoness Bell
  • Has a staff able to shoot magic balls.
  • Has the ability to fly.
  • Can copy a persons fighting style.
  • Can read minds.
  • Able transform her staff into any weapon.
  • Has all of the acrobatic skills like her mother.
  • Has an alternate form called Goddess Chance


  • Chance has elf ears. Neither Ultimo X or Christina know why she has this. Christina said that one of her family members has had elf ears.

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