&nbsp These are the controls in Both Ben 10: Modern Digi-Brawl games.

PlayStation 3/Xbox 360:

X/A: Fist/Foot(Punch/Kick)

Circle/B: Energy Blast(For certain characters)

Square/X: Transform/Digivolve(select form for Ben Tennyson and other capable characters)

Triangle/Y: Special Move Combo

R1/RB: Lock Target

R2/RT: Special Move Combo

L1/LB: Free Camera

L2/LT: Special Move Combo

Left Joy Stick: Move

Right Joy Stick: Rotate Camera

L3/LS: Special Move Combo

R3/RS: Lock Camera

Left/Right D-Pad: Tag Other Characters in Playlist

Up/Down D-Pad: Unused

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