Bestfriends is a Horror Slasher Comedy 2017 Movie


Amy plays a prank to Danny and Post his Address on Twitter and a Photo came which having Danny is Decapitated and All Think her is Killed. After The Pizza Delivery Boy was Killed Brenda and Amy fight which causes Brenda's Death.

The Girls run. Kiki and Lisa witness Brenda's Death and both girls run in Amy's Room which the Door was destroyed and both girls disappear when Kiki is hiding behind the Cabinet while Lisa is in the curtain. Lori Beth appears and covers Lisa's Mouth.

The Killer then looks in the Curtain and grabs Lori Beth. The Killer Shows his Knife and Lori Beth complains it is 1995 so he shows all his weapons and Lori Beth opens the Balcolony Door and runs but the killer throws an ninja blade on Lori Beth's leg and Lori Beth complains about it again and says "are you jackie fucking chan". The Killer became sad and Lori Beth throws Amy's Laptop and gets its Computer Chip and Slits her own Throat.

The Killer grabs a Condom and throws it on Lori Beth which causes her to fell on the Balcolony. The Killer search for Kiki and Lisa. Lisa opens the Door and Kiki was caught and is Stab in Back multiple times. The Killer draws a Heart on the window using Kiki's Blood and Lisa taps it. Lisa runs to the pool and The Killer was Behind her.

The Killer stabs Lisa in Chest and is Gutted. The Killer put Lisa's Corpse in the pool and Amy with Brit witness it. Amy said that his father always hides his gun on the back toilet and The Killer shot Brit in Head and her Blood splaters on the glass.

Amy run down the stairs and Kiki ask for Help. Amy grabs Kiki's Hands and carries her to the car. but The Killer caught Amy and Kiki grabs the gun and shots The Killer who is revealed to be Danny.


  • TBA as Amy Johnson
  • Norman Reedus as Danny
  • TBA as Brenda
  • Nikki Reed as Kiki
  • TBA as Lisa
  • Katrina Bowden as Brit
  • TBA as Lori Beth
  • Steven Yeun as Pizza Delivery Boy

Character's Status

  • Amy Johnson (Alive)
  • Danny (Deceased)
  • Brenda (Deceased)
  • Kiki (Alive)
  • Lisa (Deceased)
  • Brit (Deceased)
  • Pizza Delivery Boy (Deceased)


  • Pizza Delivery Boy - Chest Impaled with a Knife
  • Brenda - Stab in Chest and Back
  • Lori Beth - She Slit her Neck with a Computer Chip and Fell
  • Lisa - Gutted and thrown in pool
  • Brit - Head shot
  • Danny - Shot in Chest

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